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Father’s Day Travel Ideas: Give Dad the Gift...

If you believe that the best presents are experiences, not material gifts, you may have found our Father’s Day gift ideas largely lacking in value. Worry not—here’s a separate list for Father’s Day travel ideas to give a special dad in your life […]


Around Australia with GPS

Australia is known for its beautiful scenery and beaches. Some of these breathtaking scenery are hidden and you have to find them. Thanks to modern technology, traveling is not as hard as it used to be. Now all you need to […]


Traveling Solo? How Do You Stay Safe?

Perhaps you’ve watched too many thrillers. But come to think of it, not all who’ve tried traveling solo ended up floating in the river. As a matter of fact, most people traveling solo are women, and they’ve debunked quite a lot of myths surrounding solo […]


Are There Seasons When You Are Most Likely to Lose...

It’s always a joy to travel regardless if it’s for business or recreation. But if you travel a lot, you surely know how bothersome it is to keep track of your bags while in transit, more so when you go on a trip during travel […]


It’s Travel Season — Here Are Airport Secu...

Hollywood celebrity or not, everyone goes through airport security before you can get to your departure gate. And making it through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) line is nothing less than a refined science brought about by trial, error, and the occasional […]


Here’s an Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Trav...

So you’ve booked your tickets, purchased a GPS tracker, and started counting the days to the big trip. But is your travel itinerary secure and safe for you? Are you sure you won’t be wasting time and money once you get there? […]