GPS Around Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful scenery and beaches. Some of these breathtaking scenery are hidden and you have to find them. Thanks to modern technology, traveling is not as hard as it used to be. Now all you need to travel with GPS around Australia, a passport, enough money, and maybe an off-loader truck.

So don’t let your fear of getting lost limit you from exploring and finding new adventures. This excerpt will focus on how you can travel as a student with GPS around Australia.

How Can I Travel with GPS around Australia as a Student?

For any kind of trip, it is important to carry along a travel GPS in case you get lost along the way. As a student, traveling with friends is one of the best things to do. It’s always fun to bring along company on trips and adventures to avoid boredom and to feel safe.

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Student Travel in Australia


On the other hand, student traveling can be hectic especially when you are in session due to assignment demands. In as much as you can miss classes for a few days, you might lag behind with deadlines. Planning for an adventure in itself is hard and involving, thus leaving you with very little time to write your papers.

To ensure that you are not missing out on AU trips, seek help in writing all your college papers. However, you need to see that you are working with the best online essay help services in Australia. These services can give you all the support you need in writing the best papers and meeting all the deadlines.

When you are planning an adventure trip around AU, do not forget to carry along a global GPS tracker and a map. As a student, traveling with GPS around Australia would be a good move; it will be easy for you to use such a device to pinpoint locations in case you lose your way. It is fun getting lost in nature and stumbling into beautiful scenery, but how long do you plan on wandering, lost?

GPS Navigation on Map

When looking for a GPS device for planned trips, consider the following factors:

  • The tracking ability of the device
  • The battery life of your device
  • Design and flexibility
  • International use
  • Voice calling capability and panic buttons

What GPS Type Is the Best for Different Kinds of Trips?

The best thing about GPS directions is the fact that they are more accurate than reading maps. Some GPS capabilities have been incorporated into a smartphone to help people navigate easily. However, for some trips, it is impossible to rely on a smartphone as a GPS device because of the short battery life.

Sometimes it is good to go the old fashion way. Here are some top GPS types to carry along for a trip.

Garmin Drive series

Garmin Drive Series


For a road trip, you need to choose one of the devices among the Garmin drive series. These series of devices have all the basic navigation capabilities and traffic updates in real time. Some high-end devices also come with voice support capability and dashboard cameras to record you as you drive.

TomTom GO 50 S

Apart from the basic navigation features offered by every travel GPS, the TomTom GO 50 S also provides a live map and current traffic updates. This device uses a network from your smartphone and also comes with a 5-inch screen.

TomTom GO 50 S

It is perfect for road trips to new and unfamiliar destinations.

Garmin Oregon 700

With its small size of only 3 inches, this device is perfect for outdoor adventures and hikes. It is smaller than most smartphones, making it portable. It is a touchscreen device that provides weather forecast updates in real time. Its reception is perfect, hence reliable for use in areas with network problems.

Garmin Oregon 700


Garmin GPSMAP 64s

This device stands out as the most reliable in terms of battery life. For short distance treks, you can choose to use a rechargeable battery pack. For camping trips, you can also decide to use regular rechargeable batteries allowing you to carry spare packs.

Garmin GPSMAP 64s

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The device is small, thus giving you a firm grip. Its full set buttons allow you to use the device even when wearing your gloves. This is not possible with a touchscreen device.

Garmin inReach SE+ and Explorer+

If you are planning an adventure in distant places or in deep forests where cellular networks cannot reach, then this is for you. The unique feature with these gadgets is not only the navigation help but also the satellite-based text messaging capability. This ensures that you keep in contact with the world during such escapades.

Garmin inReach SE+ and Explorer+

Andrew Skurka

Also, they help you call for help in case of an emergency while deep in the forest. Just like the Garmin GPSMAP 64s, this gadget also has a firm grip with full set buttons.


In as much as traveling is fun, you need to ensure that you have a backup plan in case you get lost. With a reliable gadget, you can get lost without getting lost. However, you must work with a budget as you find a suitable device for your trip.

You don’t have to let your situation of being a student hold you down from exploring. Get the best essay help and have your essay worked on while you are away.



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