Never Lose Your Musical Instrument!

Trackimo™ is a tiny & powerful GSM / GPS tracking device for musical instruments that lets you locate and monitor your musical instrument, audio equipment, and gear at anytime. It protects your valuables against theft, giving you peace of mind and relieving you of travel anxiety.

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Trackimo™ easily and securely fits inside any instrument case or directly on your instrument, speakers or mixing consoles.

 Keep track of the location of your precious music instruments or gear while traveling.

 Ensure theft prevention and recovery.

 Reduce risk of instruments being tampered.

 Obtain insurance discounts.

 Gain complete insight into the security of your valuables.
Traveling with Musical Instrument

Trackimo™ is the smarter way to safeguard your musical instruments.

Real Time Tracking
Real time tracking

GPS and GSM provide real-time tracking of your instrument via Web, iOS, and/or Android app.

Trackimo's Long Battery Life
Long battery life

Trackimo™ tracking device for musical instruments delivers up to 96 hours of battery life

Geofence Alerts
Geofence Alerts

Set zones or geofences that gives off alerts when Trackimo™ enters or exits permitted zones.

Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Coverage

Track Trackimo™ GPS tracking device for musical instruments via web or smartphone app where GSM cellular reception exists worldwide.

Trackimo's Low Annual Service Cost
Low annual service cost

First year is 100% FREE, and costs only $5 per month after service period is over.

Easy Setup & Activation
Easy Setup & Activation

Trackimo™ is simple to install and easy to use, from unboxing to tracking with a smartphone app.

Never Let Your Instrument Go Missing

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3G GPS Tracker Device

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Includes Free GPS service for the first year – Only $5 per month after, the lowest monthly service cost of any tracking device worldwide.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 Trackimo™  GPS device, worldwide SIM card included
  • 1 Micro USB charging cable
  • 2 Battery doors, one of which has a belt clip
  • 1 Battery
  • Silicone case
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Lanyard

Start Tracking Your Instrument in 2 Easy Steps

Trackimo comes with Free GSM service for the first year, saving you the hassle of finding a provider –  SIM Card is included and the device works right out of the box.

Step 1 Activate your Trackimo™ GPS tracking device for musical instruments by registering the device to our website, iOS, or Android app.

Step 2 Attach Trackimo™ GPS tracking device for musical instruments to your instrument case with our specially designed accessory for musical instruments

In 5 minutes, your device is active and you will have a peace of mind, knowing your instrument will never get lost.

GPS Tracking Device for Musical Instruments

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