Teenage Driving Statistics

Motor vehicular accidents have been the leading cause of death for teens aged 15 to 19 years old. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even stated that teenagers are four times more likely to get into a car accident with as many as 3,000 teens losing their lives back in 2009.

But it is not the death toll that’s on the rise, there have been numerous close calls that happen every day. Based on a 2011 study done by Liberty Mutual Insurance with the cooperation of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), 68 percent of teenagers admitted that they were close to experiencing a deadly accident. This survey was responded by more than 2,000 students from 28 different high schools.

Distractions play a big part of these close calls. Teenagers are easily distracted by several factors such as their mobile phones, other passengers, and even the car radio. In fact, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 20 percent of accidents are because of distracted driving.

Another issue that poses a risk for teen drivers is their tendency to resort to reckless behavior behind the wheel. Around 30 percent of teens have admitted to speeding, resulting in 21 percent of vehicle-related accidents each year.

“We were hearing a lot of kids saying ‘I almost did this, I almost did that,’” Stephen Wallace, chairman of SADD, said about the issue. “The problem is, however, these close calls and crashes aren’t changing driving behaviors and bad habits among teens. According to the Liberty Mutual/SADD study, a little over half the teenagers surveyed said their new habits lasted only a few months or less.

Why Parents Need to Invest in GPS Trackers

Getting to drive on their own gives young drivers a sense of responsibility and independence. But at the same time, parents understandably feel worried about the many risks that surround their children while they’re on the road unsupervised. Parents develop anxiety over the thought of a teenager driving to shady places or if they are speeding in highways. So in line with that, a number of them have invested in GPS technology.

A GPS tracker records the vehicle’s speeding and location information anytime, anywhere.  A device like Trackimo offers users the convenience of checking all these reports through the Web or their personal mobile device. With the use of a Goggle Maps, parents now have access to high-resolution satellite images. This type of user-friendly technology enables parents to ensure the safety of their children.

Trackimo also notifies parents if their child goes beyond the threshold they set. Other features include an SOS button, geo-fencing, and proximity alerts—the latter being able to notify parents if the vehicle transfers location.

Trackimo is an excellent and cost-effective solution to your concerns. Most insurance companies lessen the cost of premiums if a GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle. This is a surefire way to track down and recover stolen vehicles as well. Read more about Trackimo

GPS Tracking: A Solution to Teenage Driving Accidents

Teens make up only 8 percent of licensed drivers, yet they are involved in more vehicular accidents compared to other age groups. The risk is especially high within the first six months of getting that license. According to CDC, teens tend to underestimate potentially dangerous situations. They develop this sense of invincibility, completely forgetting how these bad decisions can harm them.

With GPS tracking such as the services and features offered by the Trackimo, parents can make sure that they prevent accidents from happening. While it may not guarantee that the teen driver is completely safe, it does reduce the many risks associated with teenage driving.

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