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8 Things Pet Owners Should Do to Keep Their Pets S...

Disasters strike without warning. To survive disasters such as fire, floods, hurricanes, and other catastrophes that may hit your area, early preparation is the key. Being prepared for all kinds of emergency situations makes a difference in the safety of every […]


The Top 9 Worst Luggage Incidents Ever

While there are a lot of tips to avoid baggage loss, travelers usually still worry about losing their luggage. It’s not exactly uncommon for an airline to displace their passenger’s bags, but more often than not, things turn out okay. But […]


Traveling Buddies: Checklist for Your Pet

Are you attached to your pet by the hip and love nothing more than going on a vacation together? While it’s fun to take them with you, you should also remember that you will be responsible for his welfare. Here […]


12 Ways GPS Is Making Everyday Life Easier

Keeping track of vehicles or practically anything is now possible thanks to GPS or global positioning systems. Back then, GPS are only for exclusive use of military until recently when the US government announced allowing civilians to use the technology. […]


Common Reasons Airlines Lose Passenger Luggages

Jet-setters and once-in-a-while-travelers alike have a common travel nightmare—losing their luggage while on the go. Not only is it annoying, but it is also an inconvenience, not only to you but also to the airline that may or may not […]