8 Things Pet Owners Should Do to Keep Their Pets Safe in Case of Disaster

Disasters strike without warning. To survive disasters such as fire, floods, hurricanes, and other catastrophes that may hit your area, early preparation is the key. Being prepared for all kinds of emergency situations makes a difference in the safety of every member of the family, and being prepared helps pet owners to keep pets safe.

Things To Be Done By Pet Owners To Keep Pets Safe

When there’s a need to evacuate for the safety of the dwellers in the area, due to the added responsibility, families with pets have to make extra preparation to make sure their animal companions are safe. Here are some of the things pet owners have to do in an emergency situation.

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Keep Your Pet Safe


1. Don’t leave your pets behind

Always bring your pet with you, you don’t know when you are going back. There are many things that can happen in just a short period during emergency situations. They may be injured, lost, or might die from accidents or starvation. If you think you’re not safe inside your home, then your pet isn’t safe also.

2. Leave earlier

Don’t wait for the authorities’ announcement for mandatory evacuation, because when the situation is already critical, you may not be able to take your pet with you.

3. Make sure your pet has proper identification 

Let your pet wear a collar with tags (complete with owner’s contact number or address), tattoo, or microchip for proper identification in case the animal gets lost.

Or you may want to consider letting the animal wear a GPS-equipped device like Trackimo. Using Trackimo GPS tracker gives you as a pet owner the advantage of tracking and locating your pet in real-time in case you get separated from them.

4. Secure your pet’s documents and keep it in accessible place

It should be placed somewhere you can grab it immediately from as you make your way out.

5. Put your dogs and cats on leash or carriers

Animals panic easily, so to prevent them from running away, keep them inside their carriers.

6. Prepare an emergency kit for your pets

Prepare emergency kits in order for pet owners to keep pets safe

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In order for pet owners to keep pets safe, they must prepare emergency kits. Include water, food, medication, leashes, carriers, and pet first-aid kit that would last for at least two weeks. You can ask assistance from the vet in completing the list.

7. Talk with a trusted neighbor or a friend who can care for your pets in case you’re not home

Leave them only with people your pets are comfortable with and vice versa. Work out an agreement with them on when and where they can meet you to get your pet back.

8. Look for a safe place to stay in advance

Even before the disaster strikes, ask your friends, family, and animal clinics outside your area if they can accommodate your pet. Or prepare a list of pet friendly lodging houses or hotels. Inquire about their pet policies, and as soon as you decided to evacuate, call ahead and make a reservation.



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