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Can Car Tracking Lower Insurance Premiums?

Getting lost on the road is a nightmare, but getting your car stolen in one of your regular stops is even more so. This is why many people have turned to installing GPS devices on their cars despite the heavy price tag […]


Countermeasures Against GPS Jamming

GPS tracking devices are extremely useful when it comes to tracking lost and missing objects and people and even monitoring health status and employee behavior, and they do all these in real time. However, all these advantages fall to no […]


Of GPS Trackers and the Multiple Ways They Make Ou...

Throughout time, especially in recent years, technology has given us a lot of innovations and conveniences that have made our lives easier and much more efficient. Traveling to places thousands of miles away in the matter of a few hours […]


Uses and Applications of Drone Technology Now and ...

Some call them unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Others prefer the term miniature pilotless aircraft or even flying mini robots. But most people, however, know them simply as drones. Whatever you might wish to call them, it is undeniable that drones, ever […]


System: How Asset Tracking Works

Businesses have come a long way from having to monitor data through paper-based logs and spreadsheet software. Gone are the days when we had to intricately and manually fill in the necessary time, location, and usage information as a way of keeping track […]


The Importance of Musical Instrument Insurance

Not everyone is concerned about their insurance needs, but musicians who own expensive musical instruments may be thinking about getting a musical instrument insurance to protect their investment and they won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or lost […]