GPS Elderly Locator

A GPS elderly locator is ideal for families with senior members who frequently lose their way back to their homes or are unable to take care of themselves. The tracking devices are recognized by many as lifesavers in various situations.

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Functionalities of a GPS Elderly Locator

Tracking Devices for the Elderly


GPS elderly locators can track a senior citizen 24/7 until its battery runs out. You can monitor the user’s whereabouts on your smartphone or computer from anywhere even if you are at work. The elderly trackers allow you to create a virtual fence by mapping specific area in the app you consider safe for them. The moment the subject leaves the specified place, you will receive an alert.

The elderly can also contact you by pressing the emergency button on the GPS elderly locator, in case they need immediate assistance. The instant the button is pushed, you will also receive an SMS or e-mail alert containing location details of the device—a useful feature for those who have family members suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other similar mental health problems. People with a memory-related condition are prone to wandering or getting lost, which puts them in danger if not found right away, especially if they live in a big city.

GPS Elderly Locator

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Every senior citizen, especially those who have health problems and living alone, should buy a 3G GPS tracker. Having your elderly parents carry a GPS elderly locator like Trackimo can give you peace of mind. Whether you use this for health or security reasons, you can rely on this device. By knowing where your elderly parents are at all times can give you the feeling of comfort. The person using it will also feel secure knowing that help is just one press away.



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