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Social Issues Affecting Students and Schools

For a very long time, education has been known to be the key to success and end of poverty. However, the journey to this key is full of barriers and obstacles. In this article, we introduce you to the social […]


Reasons Why Children Go Missing and How to Make Su...

The truth about missing children is hard to understand. The numbers that come with this reality are difficult to decipher, and the reasons why children go missing are often varied. From 1997 to 1999, as many as 797,500 children went […]


India Dedicates More Attention to Elderly

When it was reported that Kanubhai Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and his wife moved into an elderly home in New Delhi recently, it caused a stir, with the Prime Minister promptly calling Mr. Gandhi, and two Ministers, one from the […]


Protect Your Child with the No. 1 GPS Watch

Phones are so easy to lose, especially when they’re owned by hyperactive children. That’s why a smartwatch for kids is a great alternative. Trackimo’s 3G GPS watch tracker is firmly fixed on a child’s wrist, and its weight is pretty comfortable. With […]


Tips on How to Get the Best Deals This Black Frida...

If you’re a frugal American shopper, chances are you know about Black Friday, the United States’ annual shopping holiday that comes the day after Thanksgiving Day. This holiday signals the start of the Christmas shopping season, and it is the […]