Phones are so easy to lose, especially when they’re owned by hyperactive children. That’s why a smartwatch for kids is a great alternative. Trackimo’s 3G GPS watch tracker is firmly fixed on a child’s wrist, and its weight is pretty comfortable. With it, parents could be relieved of the anxiety from losing contact with their children.

GPS Watch

So what makes this watch so unique?

  • Storage. It keeps your device history for up to 5 years.
  • Alerts. With move alerts, speed alerts, geo-fence crossing alerts, and an SOS panic button, you will always be aware of  your child’s whereabouts.
  • Indestructibility. It’s waterproof and splash-proof, so you won’t have to worry if your kid’s hobby is swimming.
  • GPS tracking. We assure you that it would work as good as the best mspy app to track kids.
  • Tracking updates. Receive live tracking of device path with 1-minute updates.
  • Wi-Fi tracking. The watch uses Wi-Fi to track your child if they’re indoors.
  • Distance. Don’t worry if you’re traveling somewhere; this watch works connects you to your child wherever you are in the world.
  • Weight. The watch weighs about 40 grams, your kid wouldn’t even notice it.
  • Battery life. Power lasts from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the mode of operation and cellular network conditions.
  • Charger. Your purchase comes with a magnetic USB charging cable.
  • SIM card. Every purchase comes with a built-in SIM card with 1-year free service included.
  • Design. The watch is sleek and designed to look like a watch that a grown-up would wear.

Why do you need to buy your child this watch?


  • Quality
  • Affordable price
  • Your child’s safety

Trackimo’s GPS watch will tremendously help both child and parents. Keeping track of the child’s location will ensure security and emergency assistance when the need arises. In case something happens to your child, there is a clearly labeled SOS button for the child to call for help. Pressing it sends an automatic SOS alert to you or the authorities and sends directions to the location of your child.

Perhaps the most important thing about this GPS watch is that it teaches children from an early age to be honest and responsible. To parents, Trackimo’s GPS watch offers peace of mind and a visible blanket of security, knowing their children are safe and sound.


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