Missing Vehicles

Every new car owner has undoubtedly spent some time worrying about it falling into the hands of car thieves. Let’s face it: the newer and nicer your car, the more attractive it is for a crook, and vehicle theft occurs in the United States every 44 seconds. However, it is not just your average sized automobile that falls into this category of missing vehicles. Thieves can make off with any type of vehicle and surprisingly enough, size is not always a limiting factor.

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Missing Vehicles

Missing Vehicles: Tanks for Nothing

If you follow international news or have seen the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips, you are familiar with Somali pirates and their infamous practice of hijacking ships. One of the most notorious cases involved an oil tanker called the MV Asterious, which disappeared in 2008 while moored at Ghana.

Boats of this size are gigantic and can carry millions of barrels of oil resulting in cargo worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They would seem to be impossible to hide, but these pirates managed it: the fully loaded MV Asterious is still missing almost a decade later.

If that were not enough, two more tankers also disappeared that year, but one did turn up later sporting a brand-new paint job! The Nigerian Navy was supposed to be watching over these vessels and one can only imagine the reports they sent to the companies that owned the ships. Needless to say, there have been accusations that the Navy colluded with the pirates.



A Plane Case of Theft

There have been many cases of planes disappearing while in flight or falling victim to hijackers. In 2003, a different kind of airplane disappearance occurred. In May 2003, one or more thieves made off with a Boeing 727-223 from Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Luanda, Angola. The incident was widely publicized and the search for the missing aircraft involved a number of different countries and law enforcement agencies, including the CIA and the FBI.

Despite all of this law-enforcement know, no concrete evidence of the plane’s whereabouts ever surfaced. Owned by a financially troubled Angola airline, the aircraft had been sitting idle for 14 months when two men boarded it and took off without permission. The plane’s last known heading was Southwest over the Atlantic Ocean. Theft for the purposes of collecting insurance was one of the motives suggested by authorities, but we will likely never know the true reason behind the disappearance.

Whether your vehicle is the size of an oil tanker or just a handy little Smart Car, you do not want to deal with the hassle and stress that come from having it part of the missing vehicles in the list of the authorities. GPS technology cannot only help you get where you have to go, but it can also protect your property. By including a GPS tracker inside your vehicle, you can easily, and very economically, monitor its whereabouts at all times.

If a thief should strike, this tiny electronic security guard allows you to give the police a heads up, making successful recovery more likely. Act now and let a GPS tracker help you get a peaceful night’s rest without any worry that your favorite vehicle is in danger of disappearing forever.



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