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Popular brand or not, despite being locked in your garage, your motorcycle can still be snatched. Motorcycle theft is a huge problem in any country today. According to statistics, 192 motorcycles are stolen every day, and only 9% of them are successfully retrieved. In the UK, it’s 21.69%. If your bike is one of the exotic types with expensive parts, then it has a lower chance of recovery. Tips to protect your motorcycle from theft.

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According to National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS) UK, it only takes about 20 seconds for thieves to snatch a motorcycle. Most incidents of motorcycle theft in the US are executed in the city, and what’s alarming is 80% of the stolen bikes are grabbed from the owner’s own garage.

Expert motorbike thieves usually work in groups and target “easy steals” bike. They use a van to pick up the bike, and passersby will only see it as being repossessed, recovered by repair companies, or being transported by the owner to a truck. This method of stealing enables robbers to steal almost $4 million worth of bikes every month. Most of the bikes are ripped apart, and the spare parts are sold. This is why expensive bicycle recovery is rare. And worse, owners are usually left to find their stolen bicycle themselves because motorcycle theft is not a police priority. So here’s how you can protect your motorcycle:

Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

Cover Your Motorcycle

Whether or not you have a garage, keep your motorcycle covered. That way, thieves will not be tempted. If they don’t know what exactly is inside, it’s less appealing to steal for them.

Brighten Your Garage

Another way to protect your motorcycle is to make your garage brighter. While this strategy can not exactly prevent criminals from stealing your possession, a well-lit garage will at least give them second thoughts.

Use a Strong and High-Quality Lock and Cable

To protect your motorcycle with cheap locks is useless. It can easily be removed or cut by the thieves, then lifted to a waiting truck. So in addition to locking your steering wheel, use a sturdy disc lock too or a u-lock and a chain just to be sure, especially if you will be out for a long period. When putting a chain, make it tight and use a stable anchor to make stealing difficult for the thieves.

Invest in a Tracking System

Trackimo Mini Tracker

As criminals are becoming hi-tech, owners should also use a more sophisticated anti-theft tool than what they are currently using. Another way to protect your motorcycle is by installing motorcycle GPS. The device will improve your chance of recovering your stolen bicycle in time before thieves can disassemble the parts. Although traditional anti-theft methods such as alarms and immobilizers can also protect your motorcycle as it tends to discourage thieves from taking your property, buying GPS tracker for motorbike is a smart idea. Aside from its tracking capability, it also works as a theft protection device. Luckily, GPS security tracking for motorcycles has been made affordable and easy to use, a huge advantage for motorcycle owners.

There are many reported cases of motorcycle theft, but the police rarely take action because they prefer to run after murderers than chase after the one who stole your motorcycle. If you have a GPS tracker, you can show to the police the exact location of your asset and ask for their assistance for its recovery. But in case they are “too busy,” you can still find your bike on your own just like before.



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