Dog GPS Tracker Benefits

Losing their beloved animal is any pet owner’s biggest fear. Sadly, this happens almost every day and as many as 7.6 million animals enter shelters each year. Among those numbers include about 2.7 million animals (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats) that are euthanized. The solution here is simple: your pet needs you. Handling them and keeping them safe is your responsibility, and learning how dog GPS tracker benefits you will help you do so.

Pets owners are often recommended to have a microchip implanted on their pet and to make sure that the information is updated regularly. But this may not be enough to recover a lost pet. It still leaves room for strangers to pick up your pet for god knows what purpose and will only be useful once the animal is brought to a shelter or veterinarian. So in addition to implanting a microchip or ID tag, you might want to invest in a GPS tracker.

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Dog GPS tracker benefits reveal that tracking systems are more reliable than dog tags because they do not easily fall off. Trackers such as Trackimo are built to be sturdy and waterproof, lessening the risk of having them damaged when your dog runs off. But more importantly, it provides real-time coverage of your pet’s whereabouts.

With the touch of a button, pet owners can access where their furry family members are before it is too late. GPS trackers like Trackimo are so technologically advanced, all these information can be accessed through your mobile phone or computer.

Why does my dog need a GPS tracker?

Your dog needs a GPS tracker for safety and convenience. As an owner, you may be confused about why they would need a microchip and a GPS tracker at the same time. To answer that question, you will need to know and understand the difference between the two first as well as the various dog GPS tracker benefits.

The most definitive difference between a microchip and a GPS tracker is that the former is used for authentication while GPS trackers are mainly used to locate your pet in real time.

Trackimo works like the GPS application found in your mobile device, except it does not drain as much battery and has additional features that pet owners will find useful. For one thing, the Trackimo GPS device will alert owners if their pets have gone beyond a safe perimeter, and since they are worn rather than implanted, its waterproof design will prove convenient when your pet ventures outdoors. Trackimo offers a wide GPS coverage as well, helping owners cover a longer distance compared to the capability of a microchip.

The Different Dog GPS Tracker Benefits

Dog GPS Tracker

There are many factors that prompt a dog to run away. This can be due to a new baby in the house, boredom, or excitement. Either way, a runaway dog is potentially a dangerous situation. They can get hit or even stolen while outside and unsupervised. With a GPS tracker, the ability to uncover their location is right in the palm of your hands. This is undeniably the quickest access you have to any information about your pet. Although it will cost you additional expenses, it will be all worth it as there are many dog GPS tracker benefits you can gain from it.

Owners who do not have GPS trackers have to rely on other services such as professional search parties and rescue groups—not to mention the stress of having to continuously check if your dog had been picked up in shelters. This can be both emotionally and physically exhausting as there is no guarantee that your pet would show up.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration here is the fact that a pet can go missing at the blink of an eye, and no matter how smart they are, dogs can still get disoriented when in unfamiliar environments. So as a pet owner, you need to plan ahead. A GPS tracking system will prevent you from falling behind once your pet goes missing by giving you real-time update on their movement.

A GPS tracking system can save your pet’s life

More than a million pets are taken to pounds each year, and a majority of them lose their lives in the process. Dogs are euthanized when they are not claimed within a certain period, and these types of shelters sadly outnumber more humane ones. Your GPS tracking device comes in handy by preventing runaway dogs in the first place. It does not matter whether they are held up in city pounds or are hiding out in dumpsters, devices like Trackimo will give you full coverage on where they are.

Runaway cases are not the only dangerous situations that put your pet’s life at risk. Animals, especially cats, tend to shy away when they are sick or injured. With a GPS attached, you’ll be able to locate them and attend to their medical needs immediately.

Yet one of the dog GPS tracker benefits you need to be aware of about GPS trackers is that they are less painful for dogs than microchips. While implanted microchips will only inflict minor pain to your pet, some wounds can end up getting infected and cause more complication. In addition, microchips tend to be dislocated to the stomach from the shoulders, causing soft tissue tumors known as sarcoma to develop around the area. These cases may be generally uncommon, but they can still happen and may out your pet’s life in danger.

A GPS tracker, on the other hand, is just worn around the collar of your dog. Trackimo, for example, weighs just about 4.2 ounces, a size convenient enough to not bother your dog.

GPS trackers offer more than just mapping and real-time location

Trackimo helps owners keep track of their beloved pets and you can create a virtual fence and get notified whenever your pet goes past that. Its long-lasting battery life will allow you ample time in locating lost pets should they escape from the premises.

Needless to say, GPS devices like Trackimo have been developed over the years to address the different concerns of pet owners—with a primary goal to ensure the safety of your pet and provide dog GPS tracker benefits. Reliable GPS systems work like a communication device as well, it does this by connecting you to your social media accounts, allowing you to make contact with other pet owners should you need assistance in locating a lost pet.

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Perhaps the most essential feature that Trackimo has is its user-friendly mobile application. Majority of the population now own a smartphone, giving most of us the convenience of downloading apps for everyday use. Trackimo’s GPS app is specifically designed to give owners the ability to monitor their pet’s movement no matter where they are, relieving them of their worries.

Disadvantage of GPS tracking systems

No system is built to be perfect, and GPS tracking definitely has its flaws. One of the most notable ones would have to be the money needed just to have this installed. Since you are basically paying for satellite services, a monthly subscription fee will follow. Failure to pay on the scheduled date will prompt the company to shut down your GPS tracking ability. There are trackers that do not require additional fees in the market, though, but these are not fit for dog owners as they do not pinpoint your dog’s location in real time.

Another issue is that you may have difficulty locating your dog should you enter areas with weak phone coverage. A good example here is when a dog goes missing while on a camping trip. Locating them would be a challenge if you do not have any coverage around the area, which basically means they can be wearing their GPS device, but you still won’t be able to determine where they are.

Like any device, even battery efficient ones, it is bound to run out of power at some point. This will work on your disadvantage if the dog has gone missing for more than a day. So without power, the system will not be able to track the device by any means.

Overall, GPS trackers may have their own set of disadvantages, but they are easily justifiable by its dog GPS tracker benefits and its numerous ways it helps make sure that your pet is out of harm’s way.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and seeing them happy and healthy is well worth investing any amount of money in. It is also a better option than having them confined within four walls each day. So while you can never be sure as to when or how your dog will escape, it is important to be one step ahead in ensuring that you get them back safely.



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