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  • GPS Pet Tracking Microchip Technology

    Millions of pets get lost every year, but with a new GPS tracking device and animal micro-chipping technology promises to reunite pets with their owners, possibly lessening the “missing” posters on poles and walls in the community in the future.

    Pet micro-chipping has been popular for owners over the past few decades, but it is really useful only when your friend is already found. But what if your little furry friend can’t be found down the street, or worse, what if he’s been stolen?

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    Pet Dog

    Today, pet micro-chips could contain in itself a GPS locator that can help pinpoint the location of your cat or dog.

    These are some features:

    • Just like any standard micro-chipping, the GPS chips around the size of a grain of rice are injected into the back of an animal’s neck. It won’t hurt, it would feel like a standard shot and most pets seem to be okay with such procedure.
    • GPS microchips are designed to last a pet’s lifetime and won’t need to be charged or replaced as it uses the body heat of the animal to recharge itself.
    • There are even those with advanced features that tell you whether or not your pet is getting enough exercise, something that owners should also look into.
    • Other chips can even store medical information so you can keep track of immunizations and medication as deemed necessary.

    GPS Microchips

    In earlier days, chips are embedded into collars, but because they are known to fall off, get damaged, or even accidentally get removed, newer chips found a way around these problems by having them injected right into the animal itself.

    These days, technology has become so advanced, you can just use Google Maps to be able to track your pet’s whereabouts, depending on the GPS device you have handy.

    The question remains, however—would you be willing to implant a chip into your beloved pet?

    Those who aren’t willing to do so could get the new 3G GPS Tracking devices from Trackimo, matchbox-sized gadgets attachable to your pet’s collar and accessible via app from your phone.

    Just so you know, you do have options.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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