Baggage Problems

Travelers usually worry about losing their luggage. It’s not exactly uncommon for an airline to displace their passenger’s bags, but more often than not, things turn out okay.

But not for these people, whose tragic baggage tales may traumatize you. (Proceed reading with caution.)

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240 Suitcases and Raw Sewage

Vaccum Truck

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You would never expect your luggage to be buried in excrement, but that is what happened in November 2010, when a waste pipe in London Heathrow’s Terminal 1 burst and swamped about 240 suitcases with disgusting human waste.

A source at the scene shared, “Gallons of raw sewage came spewing out. The stench was appalling.”

Bag on Fire

Worst Luggage Incidents

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Once you get over the stench, though, sewage would probably be better than having your bag set on fire.

In December 2008, a woman was called in a cockpit of her United Airlines flight. The pilot pointed to a blaze on the tarmac, telling her that it was her luggage, which caught fire when it was placed too close to the engine.

Jet Fuel Soak

Having your luggage infused with jet fuel is bad enough, but if it’s soaked in the jet fuel so much that it’s emitting fumes, that’s a different thing altogether. Delta Airlines even had the audacity to tell the passenger to clean their luggage before they reimburse it. At least there’s no fire involved—right?

Are Luggage Bags Buoyant?

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You’d think that cruise-line crews mastered the art of not dropping people’s bags overboard, after all, they have been doing it for centuries. However, that is not always the case. A Royal Caribbean ship managed to throw a passenger’s bag overboard, with it all her prescription medications.

Why Rich People Have Private Jets

Vintage Suitcase

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It is not clear how often fashion heir Giorgio Gucci travels on commercial airlines, but his last may have been in September 2010—when US Airways managed to lose his luggage, which ha

d about $50,000 worth of items in vintage bags on the flight from Madrid to Philadelphia.

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