Tips for Using Public Transport

Buying or renting a car may be the most convenient way to travel around. For some, however, that’s quite expensive of a choice. Students, first-time travelers, and those who are not ready to splurge on a new ride settle for public transport. For them, it doesn’t cost as much as buying a whole new car and you get a better view of the place on your way to your destination.

As fun as it sounds, though, taking public utility vehicles (PUVs) introduces you to risks. It can even be harder for tourists. If it’s your first time in a very unfamiliar city and you choose to take the train, you will most likely get mugged or, worse, lose your luggage as you make your way around the busy metropolis.

But there’s a way to prevent this from happening to you.

5 Helpful Tips for Using Public Transport

When you are traveling on a public transport, it is a must that you learn basic safety measures. Here are some tips for using public transport you need to keep in mind at all times.

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Public Transport

1. Do your research

Before you visit a city, do some research. Check the routes, the transport you can take, and the places you will pass by from your origin to your destination. You can also take note of the logos and colors of local taxis, buses, and trains so you can easily spot government-approved PUVs. If identifying color codes and logos is a hassle, you can just check if the vehicle has permits displayed on the rear-view mirror. Most of the time, vehicles with permits have GPS fleet trackers connected to their main office, which means you can trust that someone of higher authority is monitoring their travel history who will reprimand them in the event that they behave unruly.

This method will also help you identify the legit, registered cabs from fake ones and save yourself from mugging incidents. Fake cabs are on the rise in the United States, and criminals take advantage of the illegal transportation to trick tourists and commuters.

2. Stay alert at all times

Taking the bus or train means you will be traveling with strangers. If you think you’re safe because you are with a lot of people, think again. In a thief’s dictionary, huge commuter crowd means an opportunity to steal phones, cameras, wallets, rucksacks, or anything they can sell for coins. Put your bags or luggage where you can see them if you can’t sit them on your lap or you can avoid losing luggage with GPS tracking.

Plus, if you don’t stay alert, you could end up way too far from your initial destination with no options of traveling back. So it is advisable that you avoid taking naps, which almost always turn into long sleep, reading a book, or staring at your phone for far too long. You must remain awake to avoid unwanted circumstances.

3. Dress appropriately


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If you must, wear skinny jeans and jacket while traveling. It will keep you warm and won’t draw much attention. Also, tuck your necklaces inside your clothing and turn rings around so that valuable stones aren’t visible. Better yet, avoid wearing accessories when riding a public transport. One of the best tips for using public transport is to dress comfortably and simply so you won’t be target of pickpockets.

4. Keep your families or close friends updated

Take a picture of the license plate of the cab or bus you’re taking and send it to a close relative or friends. Update them where you are from time to time to ease their worries and they can call for help the second you need it.

Also, it is recommended you memorize the cellular number of the people you trust should you need to contact them from a different device.

5. Use a GPS tracker

GPS travel trackers always come in handy during trips, especially when taking public transport. It’s a good preemptive security measure that you can attach to your belongings or people you want to monitor. GPS travel trackers, most notably Trackimo®, give you a way to determine the real-time location of anything and anyone you hold dear with the help of an app you can install on your smartphone or personal computer.

One can never be too safe. Danger is one of those things you may not always see but are always there. But by following these tips for using public transport, you can give yourself the extra layer of protection you need.



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