Improve Car Dealership Security

Thieves see stealing assets as a booming business, they get the materials for free and sell it for a higher price in the black market. And with the advances in technology, their ways get more and more advanced too. They now use different gadgets and adopt new ways that makes stealing a seamless task while reducing the risk of getting caught. While it’s true that no business is ever safe enough from thieves, car dealers seem to be facing a bigger problem. The way their vehicles are lined up at their lot looks like it’s inviting robbers to go pick the best car and drive away with it. Security is a bigger concern for car dealers. Thankfully, there are ways they can do to improve car dealership security to reduce vehicle theft. One good way is to adopt car tracking systems, which helps you determine your vehicle’s whereabouts, giving you a way to locate them in real time in the event that something goes wrong. But it’s not just that. There are more things you should do to improve your business’ security.

6 Ways to Improve Car Dealership Security

A car dealership is highly susceptible to car theft, what with their fleet of vehicles openly displayed on a lot that is often unfenced. And owners can’t always keep an eye on every car with the number of customers they have to entertain and a lot of other tasks to attend to. But there’s an answer to this problem, a solution that can even help you in saving business money. If you are a local vehicle distributor, here’s how you can improve car dealership security to reduce vehicle theft.

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Car Dealership Security

1. Hire security personnel

More than anything else, it is important that you hire competent security personnel to keep an eye on the dealer lot. The number of security guards you should have in your shop depends on the size of your dealership. They will be the one to monitor your entire security systems such as CCTV cameras, alerts, sensors, and the like, so make sure they are knowledgeable enough about all those.

2. Maintain lighting and fences

Most of the time, thieves work away from the spotlight to avoid the slightest chance of getting caught, so one of the best ways to improve car dealership security is to keep your lot well lit at all times. Also, install fences around to deter criminals from entering your property. If they are still able to get in, well, at least the fences will give them a hard time escaping the premises and driving away with your vehicle.

3. Employ a surveillance system

Security cameras make monitoring more convenient for guards and owners. They have a wider visibility scope, making it easier to spot unauthorized movement of vehicles or any suspicious activities. Security cameras not only improve car dealership security, they also take footage that will come in handy should you need to submit a police report or an insurance claim.

Additionally, you can install motion sensors and alerts around the area, which will be a great help in the event that you’re left with no choice but to leave the shop unmanned. This way, you can receive alerts the second somebody sneaks inside the lot in the middle of the night.

4. Limit dealership entry points


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It is a lot easier to monitor dealer lot traffic if there are only a few entry points. Position a guardhouse in the entry point and another on the exit. You can also use a ticketing scheme for individuals entering the dealer lot, and they have to present the same ticket upon checking out. Through this, you can make sure that no one gets in or out without getting a pass from the security personnel.

5. Secure car keys

It’s a big mistake to leave keys in the ignition or place a spare in the glove compartment. You need to have a secure vault where you can keep the car keys and do an inventory at the end of the day to make sure not a single one’s missing. Leave the car keys with a trusted and loyal employee.

6. Use GPS tracking devices

Hiring security guards and installing cameras are not enough to improve car dealership security. Alarms not going off, security guards failing to spot a suspicious guest or activity, and police responding to car theft a little too late are just three of the possible events that may lead to unwanted circumstances. In order to ensure security at all times, as previously mentioned, use GPS tracking devices and attach it to every vehicle parked on your lot.

GPS tracking devices, like Trackimo, have a compact design and are lightweight, making them unnoticeable to car thieves. A car dealership GPS tracker can even outperform its size with all the powerful features embedded in it, including geofencing, real-time monitoring, and the ability to trigger an alert in the event that the car is moved without consent. These trackers are affordable too and work worldwide. They are very durable, able to withstand heavy-duty use, and have long battery life.



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