Benefits of Asset Tracking

Starting and running a business is putting out a great deal of money without knowing for sure if you are actually going to get it back. A big proportion of it goes to the company’s fixed assets including office equipment, cars, and even the chairs. With the amount of money one has to spend on these movable assets, it is only right for a company to adopt a system that will help keep track of these things. Luckily for twenty-first-century businesses, asset tracking system is here to do the task.

Asset tracking is the manner of using the latest technology to monitor physical assets, know where they are in real time, their current condition, and what they are used for. An effective asset tracking system not only helps the company protect its assets, it also reduces administration costs.

And it does not stop there. Below is a list of benefits of asset tracking that cannot be overlooked.

Top 5 Benefits of Asset Tracking

From improved customer service to increased productivity, here are some of the other amazing benefits of asset tracking that will make you want to start using it for your own business.

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Asset Tracking


1. Prevents loss

Day-to-day operations come with a lot of problems. Sometimes, there’s too much on everybody’s plate that they get too busy and end up misplacing things, especially things that are almost always moved. Locating them takes too much time, so oftentimes, they are just left wherever they are and you end up buying the same thing. And that means another expense.

Losing even one piece of equipment is like watching a grand go down the drain. It does not matter if your company is just starting or is already an industry front-runner, losses are not something you should just let happen. To prevent it from happening and keep your equipment safe, asset tracking is here to help you keep a closer eye on every one of your assets. The system gives you a detailed report on their location so time spent looking for them will be reduced, and you won’t have to worry about having to buy another chair when it’s just lying unused and unattended somewhere.

2. Eliminates unnecessary maintenance costs

Manually doing things only leaves more room for human error, which happens often during inspection. Wrong information on an asset’s frequency of use and current condition results in unnecessary maintenance, another expense that yields no return.

One of the benefits of asset tracking is you now have a system that records data with much precision. This way, you will know when an asset actually needs replacement or should be up for maintenance, helping you save business money. The system also allows you to come up with a real-time maintenance schedule to ensure every piece of equipment is in good working condition. This eradicates the possibility of having faulty asset, which can lead to delay in operations.

3. Increases productivity


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As mentioned, locating misplaced assets is a time-consuming task, so is buying and waiting for replacements and manually checking assets to record their current condition. The time spent on these tasks can be used to do more work. It can also be used to do new things like giving employees training to do other tasks that would be beneficial to the whole company.

4. Improves customer service

With better asset management comes higher-quality service. You are able to make sure all pieces of equipment at work are kept at its best and that they are replaced should they turn up faulty and unusable. No resources are wasted. You have better control over your assets, who uses them and what they are being used for.

A better working environment and flawless flow of operations will reflect in the service your company gives. And if you give them the best service they could ever receive, your customers will be satisfied and won’t hesitate to ask for your help again the next time they need it. They will even recommend you to their peers, which means more clients and more revenue.

5. Gives peace of mind

Having a way of knowing where your assets are at all times gives you peace of mind, and really, that’s one of the best benefits of asset tracking. For one, you can trust that your employees are using tools that are in great working condition. By letting a system monitor your physical assets, you can expect accuracy in the reports it yields on these things’ real-time condition. And you can trust that your clients will not turn on you because they are getting their money’s worth and more.

Today’s market is filled with the newest innovations that can track your assets on your behalf. One of the most preferred way to do so is by adopting GPS tracking technology. Most noteworthy of which is Trackimo®. Trackimo is the world’s smartest and most cost-effective device that provides reliable asset tracking solutions for businesses seeking ways to keep a closer eye on their properties. With the tracker’s top-notch features, asset monitoring is made easier and more efficient.



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