Traveling Buddies Checklist for Your Pet

Are you attached to your pet by the hip and love nothing more than going on a vacation together? While it’s fun to take them with you, you should also remember that you will be responsible for his welfare. Here is a pet travel checklist to help you pack all the necessary items when taking your favorite animal companion on your vacation.

Pet Travel Checklist: Here’s Everything You Need When Traveling with Your Pet


Consult your vet to ensure that your pet is in good physical health before you take him on the road. If there are medications needed, make sure that they are already refilled. This way, you won’t have to worry about them in the middle of your trip. Common medications include flea and tick control as well as heartworm pills.

Pet Travel Checklist


Kennel or Carrier

Some places ask you to put your pet in the kennel or in a carrier when you are going out and leaving him in the room. The kennel, however, is safer for when you are traveling. Don’t let your pet ride loose in the back of a pickup truck so that they won’t go overboard and get injuries. And even with the kennel or carrier, make sure they are well-padded so that your pet can travel comfortably with you.

Food and Water

It is great if you could keep your pet on the same diet that he’s already accustomed to. Remember that their diets are not too similar with humans, so it is imperative that you bring his food to avoid stomach upsets, diarrhea, and vomiting. If they eat canned food, don’t forget their can openers as well. Water is also good to keep in hand so that your pet won’t get dehydrated.

Stain Remover, Cleaning Supplies, Plastic Bags, and Scoop

Just in case your pet is a shredder, it is better to be courteous and clean up after your furry pal. A good quality lint brush or a pet hair roller is a good investment. Also, plastic bags and scoops are necessary so that you can clean up after your pet. The world is not their comfort room.

Grooming Tools

It is not ideal for your pet to be groomed inside your accommodation. In fact, as a responsible pet owner, you have to give him a good grooming before you leave for your trip. However, there are some things that do have to be done regularly, so bring with you your pet’s comb and brush, nail clippers, shampoo, and whatever else he needs on a regular basis.

Take note, however, that you should not groom your pet inside the accommodations as a courtesy to your host—do it outside if you must.

Collar, Leashes, and GPS Trackers

GPS Pet Collar


Consider bringing extras just in case one of them breaks, and because you’d be on a trip in a less-than-familiar neighborhood, it is a good idea to get your pet a GPS tracker like Trackimo in case he runs off to chase squirrels. That way, you know for sure that you’re going to find him, never mind broken leashes.

Comfortable Bedding

Like children, pets are more akin to sleeping where it feels like home, so it is good if you can bring along your furry friend’s favorite bedding.

Identification and Recent Photo

Your pet’s license numbers, tattoo numbers, and even microchip numbers should be on a list with you. Your contact information should also be up-to-date. Of course, sometimes, you can’t help but lose track of your pet, which is why a recent photo is also important—you will never want to use it, but at least you can be sure that in case your pet does go missing, you will have something to use for reference. Notes on your pet’s unique identifying marks will also come in handy.

Vaccination Records and Other Documents

If you are travelling from other countries to Canada, make sure that your pet has the types of vaccination that are necessary for him to travel. Bring an up-to-date record with you and check whether or not there are any special requirements for travelling into the country or for when returning to your own.

Phone Number and Address of a Vet

If you’re travelling to a remote area where you won’t find a vet easily, it is necessary that you know where to send your pet to in case he gets sick or injured. A quick Internet search before your trip should do the trick.

First Aid Kit

An animal first aid kit is readily available; otherwise, you can assemble one yourself.

Remember, however, that not all places you go to are pet-friendly. In fact, it is good if you can ask your lodging accommodations beforehand to ensure that your pet is welcome. Also, verify pet rules, restrictions, and even fees. Local pet laws and by-laws should also be followed up on. Sometimes, controversial dog breeds such as pit bulls and Rottweiler are not welcome – some areas have specific breed bans, so check them out first to ensure the safety of your pets.



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