Tampa City Employee Got Busted with the Help of Monitoring System

GPS trackers are not just for monitoring fleet vehicles. It can also be used as a monitoring system for business. Recently, the device was instrumental in the discovery of how a worker from Tampa City had been lying about his actual location during work hours.

How GPS Monitoring System for Business Helped Unveil Fraud

The worker, Lawrence Woodfin, was a government field employee supposed to be working around the city, but instead, he was detected—with the help of GPS monitoring system—business-lounging in his house for hours. He’s currently facing disciplinary action and may lose his job because of his deception.

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Monitoring System for Business

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Woodfin is not the first employee to be caught doing misdeeds using GPS-based monitoring system for business. Earlier this month, Mark Williams, another Tampa Public Works employee, was dismissed from his job after it was found out that the government vehicle he was driving for work was used for personal errands.

For five days, Williams was tracked making 36 personal stops using the government-owned truck. In his statement, Williams said that on those days, he was all around the city working, marking utility lines in various locations. But the record from the GPS monitoring system for business shows otherwise. The record indicates that the employee went to various locations including the Florida Lottery Office, where he has no official business.

Based on the data obtained from the monitoring system for business on those days in question, Williams’ routes were consistent. He would first drop by at a sandwich store and would stay there for 16 minutes then drove home. The tracking information further showed that he spent about 5 hours every day in his home when he should be working at those times. In addition, the data also showed that from home, Williams goes back to the office only to clock out for the day.

Supervising Employee With Monitoring System for Business

What these employees didn’t know was that the GPS system is capable of tracking fleet vehicles’ movement at any given time. The monitoring system for business can record data including every vehicle stop location, duration, and the direction it is heading. When an employee is paid by the hour, the abovementioned employee misbehaviors can cost a lot for the employer. But thanks to vehicle monitoring for local government, such misconducts can be easily tracked.



Though Tampa is not the only city using GPS system for monitoring government vehicles, it’s the only city that accepts GPS data as support for disciplinary action.

GPS System for Business

While GPS tracker as a monitoring system for business is making its presence known to city governments, the business sector has been reaping its benefits for a long while now. They have realized that the technology is effective in ensuring worker’s productivity. Not only that, the device also helps them eliminate moonlighting and unauthorized usage of company assets by employees that cost money on the company’s end.



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