GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

Do you still call your fleet drivers to know their current whereabouts? There is a more convenient and accurate way of locating them than making a call. GPS tracking for HVAC companies are now available and are capable of tracking your company vehicles 24/7 using your computer or Internet-capable mobile devices.

Benefits Users Can Get from GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

GPS Tracking Systems for HVAC Companies

Help Manage Field Technicians

GPS tracking for HVAC companies are also helpful in managing remote workers since most of the time, your service technicians are in the field. The GPS system can provide you automated reports on over-speeding, excessive idling, and aggressive driving. By using the device you will also know if your drivers are taking unauthorized breaks or using company vehicles for personal use. Harmful employee driving habits like these not only compromise your employee’s safety but also cost your company money on unnecessary fuel consumption. Having this information on hand, you will be able to improve driver performance, reduce fuel cost, and save the company some money.

Improve HVAC Customer Service

Another benefit of GPS tracking for HVAC companies is it can help improve customer service. The GPS system allows you to find a technician near a client’s location and dispatch them using routes that are free of heavy traffic. The system can also provide you report on the time of their arrival and the amount of time your team spend on their job assignment. All these are important to maintain a good business reputation.

Potential Savings with GPS Tracking for HVAC Companies

A GPS-based vehicle tracking system allows you to do the following cost-cutting strategies:

  • Choose the shortest routes to your fleet’s destination so travel time can be reduced and less fuel is consumed
  • Monitor driving habits to avoid citation tickets and road accidents
  • Fewer accidents could result in lower vehicle insurance premium
  • Locate missing HVAC parts by tracing the log history

When making important business decisions, it’s imperative that you base your decisions on reliable data and not rely simply on inaccurate estimates or guesses. GPS tracking for HVAC companies can give you detailed information to help you make smart decisions, information such as fastest routes to take, accurate billing estimate, and efficient planning to make your business more competitive and productive while lowering operating costs. Whether you have a small or large fleet, you’ll benefit from using GPS tracking systems.



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