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In any business, a decline in employee productivity should not be ignored. If you feel that your worker’s motivation is winding down, you should find ways to ensure workers productivity. First, you have to identify the factors that cause it. Once identified, mitigate or eradicate totally those motivation-killers.

Spying on your employees is not ideal if done outside their workplace as it will be an invasion of their privacy. However, this right to privacy is not applicable when they are inside your business premises and during working hours. You have the right to know what they are doing at the workplace, after all, you’re paying them to work.

In a study published at, American companies wasted over $750 billion for paying employees who did nothing actually.

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Workers Productivity


Don’t be one of those employers who pay employees, thinking they are doing their jobs, when in fact, they’re just wasting time. There are 4 ways to ensure workers productivity.

Ways to Ensure Workers Productivity

1. Make Use of Technology

Whether your employees are working remotely (field workers) or working in the office, there are plenty of equipment you can use to monitor employees. In case yours are on field like salespeople and delivery drivers, one of the ways to ensure workers productivity is to use a GPS tracking device. The device can be installed on the company vehicle used by the employee. With the GPS device, you can track your employee’s whereabouts during working hours so it will be easy for you to determine if your employee is idling.

For office workers, there are plenty of software and other tools capable of monitoring and recording activity history of the users including e-mails sent, Web sites visited, and Internet usage. It can even restore files that have been deleted. Other ways to ensure workers productivity is to set audio and video surveillance system in every corner of the office.

The advantage of having these tools is you can access, watch, and listen to recordings either live or those recorded from any location using your Internet-connected laptop. This way, you’ll know if your employees are religiously following company rules and regulations.

Don’t hesitate to follow this method. If you fear of being hated by your employees, tell you what, it’s only the crooked and unproductive employees that will hate you. The good and honest ones will only be glad that you finally take action.

2. Hire Professional Snoopers

Professional snoopers are also called mystery shoppers, who visit business offices or stores and pretend like an ordinary customer. But actually, they are professionals paid to snoop, observe, and find faults within the store. Some businesses take this simple, expensive, but effective approach for several reasons. Among those reasons are the following: to identify areas of their business that need improvements, improve work quality, and increase sales.

Another option is to visit employees workplace unannounced or outside working days. Set aside at least one Saturday every month to examine your employee’s workspace carefully. You may find clues about what they usually do when you’re not looking, like mounting overdue paperwork/tasks, résumé printouts, and unanswered customer complaints. These are evidence of not only your employees not being productive but also using company resources for personal gain.

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3. Allow Anonymous Reporting 

Other ways to ensure workers productivity is to encourage employees to anonymously turn in coworkers who are inefficient or doing unlawful activities. A number of companies who follow this approach have caught employees who have stolen items from the store they are working for, witnessed restaurant employee spitting on a food ordered by a customer, and discovered office worker copying customer records and selling them to competitors. The only drawback the company owner reported is more than half of the calls were unreliable. Some reports were made by spiteful employees out to discredit good workers. Apart from this, the company owner also found out that hardworking employees extremely dislike bad employees, so much that they will try to find ways to expel them from their jobs if given a chance, including reporting anonymously.

4. Be Hands-On with Your Business

A lot of businessmen are only interested in the profits that their businesses bring to them. They pass on their responsibilities to someone else and response only when the result is not as what they expected. It’s very simple, if you want to be aware of what’s going on with your company, be there physically. Manage and supervise your people. A business owner should have an experience or at least have a general knowledge of all the work of his employees so that they can recognize if they are being fooled or not by their employees. For instance, the store owner should know personally what’s the actual daily sales of the store so that when the employees remit the store’s earning when they’re not around, they have an idea if their employees are being honest or not.

These are the surefire ways to ensure workers productivity and be aware of the status of your business!



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