GPS Motivates Employees

Giving rewards proves to be a more effective way of motivating employees than imposing penalties, that’s the conclusion drawn from the research conducted by an associate professor at Michigan State University, Karen Sedatole. This could be true as honest employees don’t want to hear negative comments about their job. The same thing can be said about real hard-working employees, they will do their best to avoid penalty. As an employer, that would be remiss of you if you don’t recognize the efforts shown by your employees. So how do you measure your field workers’ performance? The modern method for fleet management is through GPS tracking. Not only does it help you gauge your workers’ performance, GPS motivates employees too.

How Tracking with GPS Motivates Employees and Provides Driver Recognition

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When your drivers are on the road, the only way for you to know their driving behavior is by going out with them, which is out of the question as you have other things to attend to as the fleet manager. Only through GPS tracking can you efficiently manage remote workers. The tracking system has a live map tracking system that provides updates as frequent as every 60 seconds. It also sends alert every time your driver commits an infraction like overspeeding, sudden braking, and swerving. Additionally, the tracking device can also record data, which can be viewed at a later time.

Using those data, you can develop driver safety program. It can also help you determine whether your fleet drivers deserve some appreciation or sanction. Positive comments or reward system based on the data fetched from GPS tracking encourages workers to perform better. In other words, not only will tracking with GPS motivate employees, it also ensures workers productivity.

Now you understand what GPS tracking can offer to companies. It’s high time you too use one and enjoy its benefits.



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