Live Map Tracking System

GPS tracking offers many benefits to fleet business owners. It provides live map tracking system, which is one of its best GPS tracker features. With GPS tracking, fleet managers know where their vehicles are at any given time. This allows them to better manage their fleet.

About Live Map Tracking System

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Map Tracking

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Best GPS tracking units can provide latest and clear map tracking. Map tracking, which you may use when you have a GPS tracking system, is very useful. With it, you can view the actual traffic situation on the road, and it helps you find an alternate route for your driver to take in order to avoid delay.

Our GPS tracking devices have accurate and updated maps for the user’s convenience. The user has four options in viewing Web-based live map tracking system: bird’s eye, hybrid, map view, and satellite.

In each map view, you can toggle the screen or reposition the map. Under the view type buttons, there are a few check boxes including Center and Traffic. Checking the Center box will move the map with your vehicle as the center. You can view the vehicle’s exact location and reroute it if you see that it is about to take a road that is still under construction or with heavy traffic. You will also know if your field personnel is being honest with you or not. GPS monitoring with live map tracking system can prevent idling and can help you save time.

Live Map Tracking System

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Aside from live map tracking system, another great feature of our GPS tracking system is the customer service assistance. If you are not sure as to how to proceed or if you have questions on how GPS tracking works, you only have to click on the Live Support button under the control panel. Using this system in business fleet monitoring has been proven to be efficient, helping businesses reduce operational costs while improving manpower productivity.



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