Monitoring Government Vehicles

With the growing population comes the need for the local government to have more vehicles to serve the public better. But like everything, it’s easier said than done. Acquiring additional government vehicles to be used for sanitation department or the public works department, for instance, will cost considerable amount of taxpayer’s money. Taking budget constraints into consideration, the government should consult fleet management experts and find a way to increase government fleet with minimum expense. Another thing is that monitoring government vehicles, especially when they come in big numbers, poses to be a challenge.

But that does not mean we cannot do it. There’s a way to make monitoring government vehicles as easy as it could possibly be and that’s with the help of GPS tracking.

Monitoring Government Vehicles

Though expensive, procuring additional vehicles can guarantee improvement of services. But if the local government will start monitoring vehicles, they can save much on operating expenses such as fuel and overtime costs. In addition, monitoring government vehicles can improve safety, increase the number of trips through improved route planning, and shorten response time during emergencies.

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Improves safety

Monitoring government vehicles with real-time GPS trackers will help fleet managers keep track of the drivers’ performance on the road and make them accountable for any unwanted driving behavior. This will eliminate inefficient driving habits that may endanger the lives of the public you serve.

Allows for efficient route planning

Monitoring government vehicles with GPS tracking allows you to optimize routes, that is, choose routes that will shorten your vehicles’ travel time, saving you money on fuel at the same time increase the number of trips of your fleet each day .

Increases employee productivity

By monitoring government vehicles, you are also managing field employees or the drivers. You will be able to keep track of the actual time your employee spent to do a particular task and make sure that they finish it on time to avoid unnecessary overtime.

Makes quicker emergency response possible

Efficient route planning combined with the capability to track vehicle location and direct communication between the driver and the dispatcher allow you to call on the nearest vehicle to the scene and respond quickly to emergency summons from the community.

All these are attainable with our Trackimo GPS tracking technology. The size of your fleet and the community you serve don’t matter. Price won’t be an issue because we can work on your budget. Just install the tracker device to your fleet vehicles and it’s ready for use. With Trackimo, you are assured that your fleet are used efficiently at an affordable price to serve your constituents.



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