Autistic Kids GPS Tracking

Autistic Kids GPS Tracking may soon be available in Utah, through The Byrne Grant Program, a program that supports the federal government’s campaign on crime control and prevention. If this gets pushed through, it would benefit parents with autistic children. With the device, they will be able to monitor their children better. Autistic people, both young and old, as well as people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and the likes,  tend to wander off. Wandering puts people with special needs in vulnerable situations.

Advantages of Autistic Kids GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking for Autistic Kids

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In most of the wandering cases, the child is usually unscathed when finding; while in some, it’s fatal. A few years ago, 14-year-old Steven was reported missing from This Is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. Thankfully, the boy was found cold and hungry but nevertheless safe 16 hours later. He was found more than a mile away from where he was last seen. Had the boy been wearing a GPS tracker for autistic kids, he would have been found earlier.

The use of Autistic Kids GPS Tracking in monitoring children is beneficial not just to the parents and children but the police also. The law enforcement agencies have their hands already full working on other cases, and looking for a missing child takes time and enough manpower. But if the parents will utilize a GPS tracking for autistic kids, in case their child wanders off again, they won’t have to search that long nor bring a large search team. Within an hour, they can easily find the missing kid as the child monitoring device can provide them the vital information that will lead them to the child’s whereabouts, such as the exact location, current movements, the speed they’re moving, and more. They will only need a few help to follow the lead provided by the device, leaving other officers free to work on other cases.

As an added security feature, parents can set a virtual barrier through the map, which triggers an alarm when a child leaves the area. So the moment they receive an alarm, they can immediately contact the police and start tracking the child’s movement.

The local police department will be needing funds for the tracking devices. Fortunately, The Byrne Grant Program will be shouldering the costs. The GPS devices will only be available for families with autistic children. To avail of the program, parents, with the assistance of the local law enforcement agencies, must apply for funding from the Byrne Grant Program.



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