Boyfriend of Missing Woman Pleads for Her Return

Missing children’s author Helen Bailey had reportedly asked for a little time apart from her boyfriend, which he had obliged to, but strange enough, she went missing after. The author who had asked for “a little time to herself” went missing under the strangest of circumstances, and her boyfriend launched a general appeal to anyone who might have information about her whereabouts a month after her disappearance.

The boyfriend who bears the name of Ian Stewart released a statement addressed to Bailey directly, where he stated, “Whatever has happened, wherever you are, I will come and get you,” bravely displaying his optimism of his partner still being alive and his ability to reach her.

Ms. Bailey’s Life

Ms. Bailey has been modestly successful in her own field as an author too, having been published for the Electra Brown series and also done a couple of books for children. She has also been involved in blogging, where she had shared the ways in which she coped with her husband’s death. Writing on Planet Grief, a Web site, she reveals that her husband to whom she had been married for 22 years lost his life in a drowning incident.

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Missing Person Helen Bailey


The last sighting of Bailey before she went missing was at her home at Royston in Hertfordshire, which she left on April 11, 2016, at around 2:45 p.m. and never returned since then, casting doubts over where she might be or might have ended up. Reports also claim that her dog, a dachshund breed named Boris, left the apartment with her on this day. The police chief inspector in north Herts, Julie Wheatley, has said of the case being highly unusual because it seems that Helen had just simply disappeared as there was no trace left behind to follow.

“We literally have no trace of her despite extensive searches and inquiries which have been on-going since she was reported missing,” she has said.

Her boyfriend, in his carefully planned message to her, said,

“Helen, wherever you might be, I hope you hear this message and listen carefully. We miss you and Boris so much. We are shattered in so many ways. You not only mended my heart five year ago but made it bigger, stronger, and kinder. Together, we learnt to live with our grief and move forward with our lives but never forgetting.

Now it seems like my heart doesn’t even exist. Our plans are nowhere near complete and without you there is no point. We promised each other 30 years. Please, keep that promise and come home. Whatever has happened, wherever you are, I will come and get you and Boris and give you whatever you need. Love you more.”

A description was issued for Ms Bailey, describing her as slender with a flowing mass of black hair. Her outfit as her time of disappearance is not known.

Ms Helen Bailey


In a separate public appeal, inspector Wheatley said, “I would like to directly appeal to Helen. Helen, your family are worried about you and Boris.

“I fully appreciate that you might find it difficult to contact the police but we just need to know that you are okay.”



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