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Monitoring vehicle is now made easy with GPS tracking surveillance system. It can gather information such as the routes taken and locations frequented. All these are extremely helpful in verifying information you need.

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You can also program the tracking device to send you alerts in forms of e-mail or text message every time your device leaves and arrives home or at any specific place. You can also have the option to view your device travels live from your smartphone or computer at home.

Choosing the Right GPS Tracking System

There are two types of GPS tracking systems, the real-time and passive. Before you buy a GPS tracker, consider first what you really want to do. Of course, both tracking systems can provide detailed information that you need, like the following:

  • Travel locations and duration
  • Address of every vehicle stop

Real-Time Tracking System

If you have enough time and want to see your device travels live as they happens then real-time tracking is best for you. Just make sure that you choose a GPS tracking device with longer battery life like Trackimo, which has a motion detection system that automatically switches to sleep mode when the vehicle is not moving. This feature allows the battery to last longer.

Passive Tracking System

On the other hand, a passive tracker can record all the travel information that you need, then download it from a computer at a later time. Unlike live trackers, which allows you to monitor your vehicle movement in real-time, with this type of device, you have to wait until your device comes back before you can extract the data from the device. The advantage of this tracking system is it’s more economical.

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