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Seniors’ safety is important. As people age, they gain wisdom and experience, but their bodies and mental abilities will start to decline. Many of our elderly become weaker and memory-related disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease begin to crop up. Brain-related problems are considered severe problems as people affected with it lose their ability to care and decide for themselves. Oftentimes, they are disoriented and unable to recognize their surroundings. This prompted families to look for ways to increase seniors’ safety, and one good way is through the use of GPS personal tracker.

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GPS Elderly Locators: Effective Tools for Seniors’ Safety

GPS Elderly Locators

The GPS we use to track cars is the same technology used to track elderly parents. The technology has been around for more than a decade, making it a reliable device we can use to improve and save lives. Many families now turn to GPS devices for help boost seniors’ safety and security.

When a senior family member begins showing behaviors related to signs of dementia such as being forgetful, deterioration of communication skills, and disorientation, families should take necessary steps to ensure seniors’ safety. One way to help is to equip them with a real-time 3G GPS tracker for elderly. Most seniors prefer to live independently despite having memory-related problems, which worries their loved ones. But if they have GPS device, it will be easy for families to grant the additional freedom the elderly want, knowing that they can monitor their elderly loved ones everyday lives. 

GPS Elderly Locators Send Alert!


One of the most useful features of a tracker for elderly is its ability to issue alert notifications to families whenever a senior wanders off or gets lost while running personal errands. Alerts will be sent through e-mail or SMS. That feature is called geo-fencing.

What Is a Geo-Fence?

Geo-fence is a GPS tracker program that allows users to set up virtual boundaries around certain areas deemed safe for the elderly. When the GPS device is detected crossing the predetermined safe zones, a message alert will be sent to the mobile number or e-mail address encoded during set up.—truly a helpful functionality for seniors’ safety and the peace of mind of concerned family members.

Choosing the Best GPS for Tracking Seniors


When someone is missing, whether it is a child or an elderly, it is crucial to find them within the first few hours after their absence. So when investing in a family GPS tracker, real-time trackers are recommended. It gives the actual location of the user, which makes locating them easier and quicker. Many GPS tracker stores recommend Trackimo for families looking for tools to boost personal and their beloved seniors’ safety.

If you notice an elderly member of the family having one or more of the following symptoms, there’s a possibility that they’re suffering from memory loss:

  • Misplacing many items very often, like forgetting where they have put the car keys or where the car is parked
  • Recounting the same story over and over again to almost anyone who will listen
  • Having problems with perception, remembering times, etc.
  • Failing to follow directions
  • Getting lost or disoriented  even in a familiar neighborhood
  • Forgetting common words

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