Geo-Fencing Benefits

One of the most remarkable features of an advanced GPS tracking system has to be geo-fencing. This gives information on both the user’s current location and its predefined geographical area. Parents who want to monitor teenage drivers and fleet managers who are keeping track of their vehicles reaping the geo-fencing benefits.

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What is geo-fencing and how does it work?

Benefits of Geo-Fencing

Advanced Mobile

A tracking device attached to the vehicle is needed to get information on its location. Users can do so with their smartphone, PC, or tablet.

A geo-fence acts as a virtual barrier. Users go to the geo-fencing function found in software programs to set this up. The software uses both global positioning system (GPS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) to define the geographical boundaries. If the subject goes beyond these boundaries, a notification or alert will be sent.

The geo-fence generally has a limit of 200 meters.

 The Geo-fencing benefits

Geographic Boundary


Improves productivity

Geo-fencing is used by several business industries. Among the geo-fencing benefits is it helps increase productivity through monitoring remote workers. A good example is how it aids fleet managers assign their trucks to a specific area, and they use it to make sure drivers are following the assigned routes.

Reduces costs

Optimized routes can lead to massive savings on both fuel and maintenance costs. As you can keep track of your fleet of vehicles, you are well informed of when, where, and how your vehicles are used.

Ensures safety

As mentioned, parents who want to monitor their teenage drivers and caregivers who have patients to look after can take advantage of the benefits of geo-fencing as well. Geo-fencing gives them the assurance that their loved ones are safe within a perimeter, and they’ll receive an immediate alert if the subject goes beyond it.

Makes a good travel buddy

If you happen to go on a road trip, make sure to install a GPS device on your vehicle. Geo-fencing will help you navigate around unfamiliar roads or terrains.

Helps avoid theft

Car theft is common nowadays, even when you happen to park your vehicle in a secured lot. Give yourself peace of mind by setting a geo-fence. This can also be used if you leave your vehicle with a mechanic or anyone outside your family and someone you’re not really close with.

Trackimo Geo-Fencing Tools

Live Geo-fencing

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Trackimo is a GPS tracking device equipped with numerous attractive features, geo-fencing benefits being just one of them. To set up a geo-fence, go directly to the Trackimo dashboard. Should the device go beyond the virtual fence, you will automatically receive an alert.

Trackimo has two ways of setting geo-fences: with the Trackimo Live Tracking system and another is by using the free Trackimo mobile application. Users also have the option to modify or delete the fence.

Setting virtual boundaries is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. This will give users assurance their vehicles and assets are safe no matter where they are.



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