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News about an incident of guitar theft in Shannon Harbour broke out after eleven guitars were stolen from a “rehearsal shed” last year. Owner Aaron Mulrooney confirmed that he later found four of the instruments “thrown over the gate” of his late father’s home.

Still, seven more are missing, and Aaron, who was visiting his parents’ home before the incident, did not notice anything missing for a few days.

The Investigation into Guitar Theft in Shannon Harbour Continues

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As a musician himself, Aaron said that he played the guitar “all his life” and that it was his father who taught him what he knew. They went on to collect unusual guitars, which were among the ones stolen in the devastating incident. Many of the stolen guitars cost a lot of money, but considering that they belonged to his late father, Jim, one of the original members of The Conquerors, most of the pieces have sentimental value and are very important to himself and his family.

While Aaron said that he was “delighted” that some of the guitars have been recovered, he was still “violated and devastated” by the incident, and he is still appealing for the return of the remaining seven others as some of them had been in the family for a long time.

Aaron did, however, express gratitude for the amount of support he received from people since the guitar theft in Shannon Harbour. He shared that “people have been fantastic,” adding that he “totally lost track of the number of messages” he’s gotten from them.

“The response has totally restored my faith in humanity,” he shared. However, the reward for the return of the guitars or information that could lead him to the prized instruments is still up for grabs.

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