Using GPS Coordinates

Using GPS coordinates to pinpoint location is very useful when your GPS device has not been updated in years. In mathematics, coordinates are pairs of numbers that represent a point. In real life, the coordinate numbers are the latitude and the longitude location of a certain object on earth. Every spot on the earth’s surface has an equivalent address in terms of latitude and longitude coordinates, which are both measured in degrees, which then can be interpreted into minutes and seconds.

Let’s take for example the geographical coordinates of the Dursleys’ house in UK (which is, by the way, for sale now). Remember the fictitious Little Whining, Number 4, Privet Drive, Surrey, England? It’s where Harry Potter lives. The house’s coordinates are believed to be 51.408541, -0.725346.

Thus, latitude and longitude are used to pinpoint any object on earth. So when a GPS device transmits signals to the satellite in the space, the satellite will find your exact coordinates, then will relay it to a GPS receiver back on earth. Using GPS coordinates, the GPS tracking system can establish your exact location, speed, and direction you are heading. That’s how GPS devices locate items.

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The Importance of Knowing and Using GPS Coordinates and GPS Tracking

At first, users are asked to manually input their map coordinate. However, not all people are knowledgeable about mathematics and terms like GPS coordinates are gibberish to them, while those who know about the stuff are too lazy to find out. So GPS device makers find some ways in order to make it easy for their users to use their device. They develop a program that will automatically calculate a map coordinate. The program is integrated into the devices for it to be able to determine the user’s accurate location, route, and speed. But if the user has the time to waste or simply wants to use his exceptional math skills and input their GPS coordinates themselves, they can do so. But remember that a 3G GPS device tracking can do it for them.

Being aware of this information and knowing how to get it can be truly handy particularly when you travel or is simply going outdoor. It can provide you useful information you might need for your trip.

Map Coordinates

Map Coordinates Gps

So if you’re afraid to use a device tracker simply because you’re clueless about using GPS coordinates, don’t worry, modern yet affordable GPS devices can do it for you. Or if you are using an older model, there are ways to get your GPS coordinates using your smartphone. One option is to use Google Maps. Just go to and input the address you are interested about. You will find its coordinates in the address bar as part of the URL. In case you don’t know the address of a location, you can still find its GPS coordinates by pointing the mouse to the exact location on the map, right-click and select What’s Here.  A small box will appear at the bottom containing the name of the place, and that’s it, you get the equivalent coordinates. Amazing, right?



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