GPS Tracking for Car Dealers

Car dealers protect their vehicles by using GPS devices. GPS tracking for car dealers like Trackimo can pinpoint real-time location of vehicles at any given time. This management tool is efficient as well as economical and could help your business achieve its financial goals.

Keeping Vehicles Safe with GPS Tracking for Car Dealers

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Car dealerships are frequent targets of car thieves because they think it’s easier to steal one car from a big collection. Thieves believe that one missing car will be easily overlooked since there are so many of them in once room. And by the time they discover the missing car, the thieves have already sold it.

This is why GPS tracking for car dealers is so effective as an added security for their vehicles. By fitting vehicles and trucks with a GPS tracking system, car dealers can do the following:

  • Instantly detect if there is a missing vehicle from the lot
  • Recover stolen vehicle quickly by informing the police of the live location of car
  • Prevent thieves pretending as test drivers to drive away the vehicles
  • Discourage thieves from stealing the vehicles by putting signs that the vehicle is equipped with car tracking system

Helping Car Dealers Improve Efficiency

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GPS tracking for car dealers doesn’t just protect the vehicles, they also help them make their business achieve that much-needed efficiency especially in asset monitoring and inventory. And being business efficient means an increase in profits. Investing in GPS car location tracker like Trackimo will help car dealers achieve the following:

  • Efficient asset monitoring and inventory
  • Locate vehicle immediately and lessen time spent on looking for the vehicle that the customer wants to test-drive
  • Protect the business by tracking units in case of car theft or easy retrieval in case customers can’t keep up with the payment anymore

Regardless of the size of your dealership business, Trackimo will help you improve it. The device can give you real-time updates on vehicle location at any given time and pieces of information that are essential for your business. And if you opt to use a tracking software for vehicle record safe keeping, we can help you choose which device best fits your auto dealership needs. To know more about how the technology can help your business grow, contact our Trackimo sales team.



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