Keeping Tabs on Teens Using GPS

The holiday season is officially here, which means it’s time for people to tap into their inner social butterfly and attend celebration after celebration. For teenagers, holiday parties are a great way to celebrate friendships and the vibrant spirit of the season. However, teenage parties can be risky and are an absolute nightmare for parents. Keeping tabs on teens using GPS is a possible option for these parents.

Sexual assault, violence, binge drinking, drunk driving, and drug overdose are just some of the awful things that can happen at a teen party. To give you a more concrete idea, as many as 87 percent of high school seniors have admitted to using alcohol, with 13 years old being the average age where teens start consuming alcoholic drinks. With the infusion of drugs and alcohol into the system, the likelihood of violence, unprotected sex, experimentation, and driving under the influence is increased. In the United States alone, approximately 5,000 teens die each year as a result of illegal consumption of alcohol and drugs. To make matters more alarming, a 2015 survey conducted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving found that 30 percent of teens have accepted a ride from a driver they’ve known had been drinking.

So what do these scary statistics tell parents? To put it simply, it’s time to move a step forward and take action.

To have the urge to prohibit your teen from attending a holiday party with their friends is understandable. But this could end up backfiring and they’ll only rebel against you. Aside from the normal precautionary methods such as educating your child, imposing strict curfews, and becoming good role models yourselves, there is a form of technology you can use to ensure the safety of your teen: global positioning system or more commonly known as GPS.

GPS Technology Can Keep Your Teen Safe When They Go to Holiday Parties

One of the marvels of modern technology is the global positioning system or GPS. Today, this can be found in phones and tablets, laptop computers, and smaller devices that are just over an ounce in weight. With the help of satellite tracking, the GPS technology can locate a specific person or thing anywhere in the world at any time. This makes keeping tabs on teens using GPS a trend among parents.

Keeping Tabs on Teens Using GPS

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Car Crash Involving Teen Driving

Trackimo, one of the country’s most popular GPS tracking devices, is helpful in keeping tabs on teens using GPS, particularly in vehicle monitoring. Not only does it help the driver navigate through traffic by giving directions, these small devices can also locate the vehicle no matter where it is and determine how fast it is going. So the next time your teen leaves home to attend a party, these devices could be the best way to monitor their driving behaviors.

Trackimo’s mobile app, on the other hand, can keep tabs on teens particularly when they’re in an emergency situation. Because of a teenager’s attachment to their phone, it is bound to tell you where your teen is, allowing you to easily contact them when necessary. The device itself is equipped with an SOS button, which automatically sends smart alerts to notify others on their whereabouts.

GPS tracking is the best way to ensure your teen’s safety. But before using these devices, make it a point to have a discussion with your teen about the necessity of getting a tracker. Make them understand that this a precautionary method and not a total invasion of privacy.



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