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  • Monitoring Devices for Cars and Teen Tracking

    Whether it is because you have trust issues or simply because you care about your child’s safety or both, monitoring device for teen drivers is considered essential.

    According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the leading cause of death for teenagers (aged 16–20) is car accident. This is why it is necessary for parents to monitor young drivers with car tracking that will provide them information on the whereabouts of their teen driver.

    We have a monitoring device for teen drivers, and with this, parents can access the vehicle’s location information as well as the speed of the vehicle through a mobile application. The tracking system for teen drivers doesn’t just track the movement of your teen’s vehicle, it also helps maintain it by collecting data like the miles traveled, engine start-up and shut-down times, and many more.

    The monitoring device for teen drivers can be programmed to notify the user if a certain condition is met. Like for example, you can set the car tracking device to send alert once the miles traveled reach a certain number. Other benefits you can get from using monitoring devices are real-time monitoring, fuel management, and safety.

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    Why You Need a Monitoring Device for Teen Drivers

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    Parents find it difficult to track their teens as teenagers want to be independent. They have many activities that sometimes they forget to tell you about it. But with the help of our affordable and high-quality monitoring device for teen drivers, you will know the actual location of your loved ones at all times.

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    According to statistics, more than 5,000 teens die due to car accidents every year. Around 14 percent of the fatalities caused by car accidents are teenagers. This can be prevented by tracking your teen’s driving behavior using monitoring devices for teen drivers. If you set a speed limit to your child’s vehicle, you will receive a notification every time they are overspeeding. If they know they are being monitored using car tracker device, they tend to be careful.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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