GPS Technology Misconceptions

Global positioning system, or better known as GPS, has been providing accurate location information throughout the years. It was first used in the military before being made available to the public. Nowadays, almost every handheld device has this technology built in. With the fast-rising innovation of things, GPS technology misconceptions are one of the problems encountered by many.

With Trackimo, for example, despite its small size, users can expect optimum GPS technology that can track down their belongings. This device is capable of tracking down everything from your phone to your vehicle.

Although most people don’t use GPS for various reasons, it mostly boils down to educating yourself on how the technology actually works. This article will tackle on vehicle tracking for commercial (and personal) use along with the GPS technology misconceptions associated with them:


List of GPS Technology Misconceptions

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Misconception: GPS Tracking is not needed when a person is trusted with a vehicle.

GPS Technology

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For businesses, an effective GPS tracking device means you can save a ton of money. For one thing, you can monitor the actual routes employees choose to take when working to be able to monitor fuel costs. It is also essential when providing service for your customers, especially for those in the delivery business.

On the other hand, it is also effective in ensuring the safety and security of the vehicle drivers by being able to track them down in case any road incidents happen.

Misconception: Drivers will feel like their privacy is sabotaged.

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Speaking in a business sense, employees do know that submitting themselves to a company means agreeing to be transparent. But even with that being said, GPS technology is not supposed to sabotage anyone’s privacy for that matter. This is another of the many GPS technology misconceptions that need to be corrected. As mentioned, GPS is essential when giving security to a driver when he is on the road and it also keeps track of cargo on board at the same time.

Misconception: GPS Tracking systems are difficult to use and require professionals only.

With the commercial marketing of GPS technology, it is only natural that they make these easy to use and install. In addition to that, technical support services are also available for most devices nowadays. GPS companies make it a point to endorse the products before having users try them out, and in general, they are built to be user-friendly too.

When it comes to looking for a good GPS device, choose one that has multiple features. The Trackimo 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker includes a mobile app for businessmen or even parents on the go for real-time notifications.

Misconception: GPS tracking is completely useless.

Believing the many GPS technology misconceptions out there, many companies would opt to track down their cargo fleets with the use of mobile phones as the majority of phones nowadays do have GPS as an added feature. But the main disadvantage of this would be the inaccuracy and inconvenience that mobile phones have. They can either get drained of battery (especially when GPS tracking is turned on), get damaged, or get left behind. There are also multiple cases of inaccurate information being given by mobile devices when it comes to GPS.

Businesses or even families should invest in GPS technology as opposed to just relying on their mobile phones if they really want to keep their personal assets or even loved ones on being checked.

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Misconception: GPS tracking systems are made the same.

GPS Tracking System

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No two products in the market are the same, and this applies to GPS devices as well. While it is uncommon to have one device function better than the other, this doesn’t mean that you need to look at a price tag to determine how well it works in the first place. Instead, make sure you do your research on the accuracy a GPS device is based on customer feedback.

But then again, these GPS technology misconceptions can be true up to a certain point as GPS devices are created using the same kind of technology. So focus on the added features of the device and be able to decide if they have an edge over others. Another important thing to consider is how user-friendly its interface is. The easier the device is to navigate, the more efficient it is.

Misconception: GPS tracking system is a product that is worth the investment.

First things first: GPS is not a product as it has been always considered to be a service. You subscribe to acquire GPS services so you can monitor your fleet. While it is worth investing in, people should weigh their choices before doing so. Companies offering GPS services require a contract agreement for a certain time period, so if you do view your company expanding over the years to come, then go for it.

Misconception: GPS tracking system is expensive.

For start-up companies and even bigger ones, the cost is always a factor when making decisions. So it would be perfectly understandable for many to reconsider acquiring GPS technology to manage their fleets and to believe the many GPS technology misconceptions that abound in the industry. But think of the inefficient costs that you are risking if you don’t keep track of your deliveries. Things such as maintenance, unsatisfied customers, fuel, and even the safety of your drivers are placed on the edge should you neglect the use of GPS.

If families have found efficiency in managing their everyday lives with the use of GPS, then that means big companies can receive the same benefits as well.

Misconception: There are no benefits for those using GPS technology.

GPS Tracking Technology

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Despite the many GPS technology misconceptions that abound, GPS technology has presented itself as one of the most useful forms of technologies out there. Not only have they branched out from military to personal usage, but companies have also found that GPS is a huge factor when it comes to cost-effectiveness. To top it off, it secures the safety and integrity of both your employees and your products as well.



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