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Tips for Preventing Boat Theft Every Boat Owner Sh...

These days, people are willing to do just about anything to earn money. This results in increase in the number of crimes, particularly theft. From bicycles and motorcycles to cars, almost everything with wheels is driven away. And now boats […]


Boating Safety Tips for Fourth of July Weekend

Most of the United States would celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with barbecues and fireworks. However, in places like Manassas, Virginia, the concerns are not for the sheer number of beachgoers or highway traffic. This time of the year, […]


GPS Tracking Leads Sheriffs to Suspected Boat Chop...

If you’re not familiar with what boat chop shop is, it’s a place where thieves bring stolen boats and strip down its parts in order to sell it off. And this illegal business seems to be a budding trend. Thanks to GPS tracking, […]


Common Misconceptions About GPS Technology and the...

Global positioning system, or better known as GPS, has been providing accurate location information throughout the years. It was first used in the military before being made available to the public. Nowadays, almost every handheld device has this technology built in. […]