Missing Kid Alert

Missing Kid Alert

Missing Child’s Name: Komal Rathod
Date of Birth: 14 April 2006
Date of Missing: June 18, 2009
Place of Missing: Mumbai

Found in Pune
Date of Finding: July 15, 2009 

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Komal Rathod

When there is a missing kid alert, it’s hard not to entertain negative thoughts. Every day, we hear news about thousands of children reported missing, and many of them are not found yet up to this day. There are three worst things that can happen to kidnapped victims: they can be raped, assaulted, or even killed. We have read it on papers, seen in movies, the many possibilities that could happen to a missing child. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

National Centre for Missing Children (NCMC), a nonprofit and nongovernmental institution, was launched in 2000 in hopes of helping families reunite with their missing children in India. You may visit their website for more information about the organization.

Missing Kid Alert

Missing Kid Alert

When someone loses a child, the practice is to report it to the authorities, and the law enforcement agencies will then help the families search for their missing children. However, it won’t hurt to ask others for help. This is where NCMC comes in.

The site offers their services for free. Using their website, one can create a missing kid alert, by reporting or posting information like a picture of the lost, kidnapped, or runaway child.

Based on the data in the English Daily, every year, there are 1 million runaways recorded in India, that’s about one child missing in every 30 seconds. Imagine if the number of lost and abducted children is included in the data, the stat will probably be even more shocking.

To give us a clearer view of how serious the missing children crisis in India, as a form of comparison, here are the figures of missing American children as reported by the US Department of Justice.

An average of 2,185 children (below 18) every day are reported missing in the United States. That’s about 797,500 children in one year.

Of that number, 203,900 were abducted by a family member while 58,200 were kidnapped by strangers. About 115 children suffer from stereotypical kidnapping crimes, which include keeping the child overnight, moving the child to another place more than 50 miles away from the original location, demanding ransom, or keeping the child permanently.

But these stats of missing children can easily be changed for the good if parents will use a missing kid alert technique using GPS tracker technology, which is already available in the market. One of the most trusted trackers is GPS child tracking device, a device parents can put on their children to help them keep an eye on their kids. This device will enable the parents to keep track of their children’s movement since they can monitor them live while the kids are wearing it. And if the kids are in distress, the device has a panic button that the kids can press and the parents will immediately receive an alert on their iPhone or Android phones.

Indeed, this technology will be a great help in sending missing kid alert and in securing our children and bringing down the number of missing kids.



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