Intriguing Drone Statistics

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or mostly known to the public as drones, have increased in popularity over the years especially the intriguing drone statistics. Despite starting out in the military as a machine used for missions unattainable by humans, it has varied in usage and has become more and more accessible to the public. Among its uses are for recreational purposes, and many manufacturers continue to market them to hobbyists.

The commercial growth of drones have prompted the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to enforce strict rules when it comes to registering drones. They have also encouraged users to be more responsible in drone usage. A good of example of which is by using a GPS tracking system like Trackimo to keep your drones in check.

The FAA’s decision to regulate drones is the result of its growing popularity. For proof of this, you can check out the intriguing drone statistics below.

Note: this is based on statistics gathered from 2015 to 2016.

Intriguing Drone Statistics

Estimated number of drones shipped in 2015 runs up to 700,000

For 2016, the total number of drones sold are expected to surge up to a million.

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Drone Statistics


Intriguing drone statistics put the number of drones that were purchased during Holiday 2015 in America at 400,000 drones

This number marks a significant increase of sales compared to last year by 63%.

The FAA has counted nearly 300,000 drones registered as of January 25, 2016

Americans looking into registering their drone can go online (this is for hobbyists only) on the FAA’s Web site. (Rules and regulations apply so make sure you read them before signing up.)

The value of the drone industry runs up to a staggering $3.3 billion—and are estimated to rise to $90 billion by 2025

Intriguing Drone Statistics

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Drones have caused problems with manned aircraft

The number of incidents these planes have encountered as they try to move away from drones to avoid collision are 28 times on record.

US air traffic control has spotted 594 drones flying on the flight paths of a manned aircraft, and among these incidents, 116 have come close to an actual collision with commercial airlines carrying more than 50 passengers

Be responsible with your drones!

To keep drones away from endangering the lives of others, incorporate a drone tracking device in case it flies outside the safety perimeter. These devices are programmed to notify owners on the exact location in case their drones get away from the fence set.

For other manned aircraft including choppers or jets, the total of close encounters run up to 300 times.



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