Equipment tracking is necessary to secure company assets particularly the smaller ones. Being high-valued assets, construction equipment are hot commodity for thieves. Massive equipment, though more valuable, are difficult to steal. So it’s the small equipment that become the target of robbers. In order to protect smaller vehicles, construction and fleet companies need tools like GPS trackers. Here are some of the important features of GPS device that your company can use in equipment tracking and take advantage of.

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Equipment Tracking Important Benefits

Real-time tracking—a GPS tracking feature that allows you to monitor your assets’ location any time, anywhere, using your computer at home or your mobile phone, as long as it’s connected to the Internet.

Alert notifications—you can set the 3G GPS tracking device to send you an alert via text message or e-mail the moment your equipment is removed from your property without proper authorization.

Reports—GPS trackers that are used in equipment tracking can generate stored data gathered from up to sixty days. It depends on the fleet managers if they want daily, weekly, or monthly report, they can access that information whenever they want to.

Durability—the GPS equipment tracker has a cover made of tough material, which is suitable for outdoor use. It’s waterproof too, so even if the vehicle is out under a harsh weather condition, you can trust that the device can withstand it.

Long-term usethe best GPS equipment tracker should have a longer battery span. If your GPS device has a longer batter life, it means you can monitor your valuable assets for a longer time.

Equipment Tracking Benefits

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With equipment tracking using GPS trackers, you don’t have to worry about your small equipment being stolen. The robber may succeed in moving your vehicle out of your property, but they won’t get that far. As you will be notified immediately of the theft, you will be able to monitor its movement. Recovering your construction equipment will be quick and the criminals will be punished.



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