GPS Trackers as Anti-kidnapping Tool

The reality about kidnapping is harsher than we all think. There’s a lot more to the issue than what we are only made to know.

Come to think of this: in the United States alone, every four seconds, one child goes missing.

According to the FBI’s 2014 missing kids’ records, as many as 635,155 cases of missing person were reported. And of these missing children, 1,500 are kidnapped. But the number could be higher, as there are cases that remain unknown to the authorities.

Half of kidnapping incidents are instigated by a family member, while 27% are done by an acquaintance, with the remaining 24% committed by a stranger.

These numbers are already enough to cause an alarm, how much more should we take into consideration the fact that there are still cases that we have not heard of. There could be more kids out there whose once-blissful childhood suddenly took a bad turn with some of those young lives even cut short.

The mind of the evil is out of our control. But you can do something to save your child from having to undergo the same ordeal. And you can do that with the help of technology and that is by using GPS trackers as anti-kidnapping tool.

GPS Trackers as Anti-Kidnapping Tool

As much as we want to have our eyes glued on our kids and never let a second slip with them unattended, parenthood is a demanding life phase and there are a lot of other matters we have to attend to. There will always come a time where we have to take our eyes off them to finish a chore or report to work. During these minutes, a lot of things can happen. Young as they are, kids wander away without knowing how dangerous the outside world can be. And a lot of people are sinister enough to take advantage of their innocence.

This is how technology steps in—in the form of monitoring devices. Here’s how you can use GPS trackers as anti-kidnapping tool.

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1. Know the child’s location in real time

If you don’t have any choice but to be separated from your kid, it is important that you have a way to know where they are at any given time. One of the reasons GPS trackers as anti-kidnapping tool makes a great way to ensure kids safety is the device’s ability to provide geolocation and time information of anything or anyone you attach it to. The moment you notice they are somewhere they should not be, you can take immediate action and prevent any untoward incident.

2. Get notified every time a child goes beyond safe area

One of the amazing features of GPS trackers is the geofencing. With this, you can set an area that you deem safe for your child. If the device goes outside that safe area, you immediately get an alert so you can check on your kid fast. In the event that a kid is dragged out of the house or from wherever you left them, you can quickly respond and save kids from getting kidnapped.

3. Receive alerts when a child needs immediate assistance

Another main feature of GPS tracker is the SOS button. The second your child presses the button, you receive an alert signaling that they need your help. With the alert comes the real-time location of your child so you waste no second and get to where they are as quickly as possible.

4. Enjoy peace of mind



Parenthood comes with greater responsibilities than we can only handle, so it is only to be expected that every day, we wake up to a different set of things to worry about. This somehow always leaves us preoccupied. Having a GPS tracker and having access to your kid’s real-time location gives you peace of mind. The fact that a device is giving you a way to know your kid’s whereabouts even when you’re not physically with them is a breath of fresh air at times when the demands of parenthood become too much.

There are a lot of GPS trackers in the market today, but one of the best is Trackimo GPS child tracker. It is lightweight yet feature-packed and has worldwide coverage, which means anywhere there is GSM cellular reception, you can use it.

The ability of GPS devices to determine the real-time location of the person or object they are attached to makes this product of technology a great help in protecting children. This is how you can use GPS trackers as anti-kidnapping tool, and at a time when security has become too hard to maintain, we need all the help we could get to keep our kids safe.



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