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5 Best Mobile Apps for Tracking Your Family’s Lo...

Being a teenager means making exciting discoveries, doing everything in your own way, denying authorities, and challenging the grown-ups’ lifestyle. Adults, in their turn, should respect the desire of their children to be independent, but on the other hand, they […]


10 Ways to Know If Your Child Is Not at School

For some children, school can be far from fun. It can be boring, depressing, or even dangerous. Even if all is relatively well, children don’t want to go to school; there is so much fun elsewhere. In some cases, they may […]


How to Keep Your College Kid Safe

Safety Issues in Campuses In recent years, there has been a rising concern of safety in campuses and to keep college kid safe. Petty crimes like theft were most common, but the number of reports of violent crimes, sexual assault, […]


How 3G GPS Watch Trackers Help Foster Parents

The Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System (AFGARS) reported that there were 402,378 children from birth through age 20 living in foster care. Being on the front lines of delivery service every day, being foster parents of a child […]


8 Missing Children Cases That Remain Unsolved

On October 9, 1972, then-six-year-old Etan Patz left the loft a,partment he shared with his parents for school. For the first time, the young boy walked from their home to the school bus stop all by himself. He was never […]


The Untold Story of Missing Children in Arizona

May 25 is the International Missing Children’s Day as well as the National Missing Children’s Day as ordered by former US president Ronald Reagan in 1983. In the United States last year, there were about 460,000 reported cases of missing children. […]