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Ordering items from sellers are transactions that happen around the world every day. Everything from murals to electronics can be purchased online and that feeling of anticipation comes as the package goes from “packed” to “in transit.” Of course, people opt for a good courier service to get the job done, and international package delivery company UPS is giving customers a bigger reason to put their trust in them.

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Track Delivery Packages


For those who continuously anticipate their package by constantly checking it’s status, then UPS has the right kind of service for you. “Follow My Delivery” is a new feature by UPS that allows users to track the location of their package on a map in real time.

Sounds promising, right? For longtime UPS customers, you may be familiar with their My Choice service launched last 2011. Only users registered in My Choice are allowed to use this service, which includes online package signing, package alerts, and approximate delivery times.

Both UPS Air and UPS Worldwide Express customers get to enjoy the benefits of this feature. It works by displaying a live map that is automatically updated every 2 to 3 minutes. Users will see everything from the time the package leaves the distribution center, and it even includes the driver’s 45 minute lunch break period.

But to protect the company’s security, they will not release the driver’s exact route.

GPS Fleet Tracking Management

Follow My Delivery enables UPS customers to check on their delivery in real time and reduces risk of theft or lost packages. According to Teresa Finley, UPS chief marketing officer in a press release: “Follow My Delivery is the latest example of how we use technology to improve the e-commerce consumer delivery experience from the point of purchase to the time of delivery.”

Here is what Follow My Delivery looks like on your smartphone:

Follow My Delivery


The Follow My Delivery service from UPS is a perfect example of how convenient GPS tracking systems can be from both the business and customer side.



Other delivery business operations can take advantage of GPS technology that are readily available in the market, an example of which is Trackimo. It is a cost-effective solution for dispatchers to double check their vehicle fleet and enjoy other benefits such as reduced fuel costs and greater customer satisfaction to name a few.

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