Fuel meter, GPS and a Gas Station

Gas prices have always been on people’s minds, and everyone is looking for ways to lower gas bills, especially for businesses that rely on their fleet of vehicles to run their business for them. Fortunately, GPS tracking technology can help increase gas mileage efficiency and increase the overall productivity of employees.

Ways to Lower Gas Bills and Save Money

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Lower your average speed

Lower Gas Bills

Target Cars

If everyone in your fleet can stay below 65 mph on the highway and under 45 mph on the road, you will notice a decrease in fuel consumption. Not only will you be able to reduce gas bills and improve fuel management, you can also significantly decrease the likelihood of accidents. This is important over time as this will show up in your loss and profit statements. Another benefit is that these data can be used to lobby your insurance carriers to give you lower premiums.

Use information to your advantage

The information you can get from your GPS vehicle tracker can be used to implement employee bonus systems based on cost-savings that could help entice your drivers to use gas efficiently. On the other hand, this could also work the opposite way, so you can keep track of your drivers who are being inefficient in their jobs.

Find assistance

Providing immediate assistance to employees helps them stay on schedule, and this is one of the benefits of company vehicle tracking for your business. The tracking device can help employees in case they get lost or if they get stuck in traffic and have to find a more direct route to get to their destination.

Check your tires

Keeping Tire Inflated

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Keeping the tires inflated at the proper pressure is said to increase fuel mileage by 3 percent. Stay on top of maintenance and you will be able to lower gas bills.

Use geo-fencing

The geo-fence alert eliminates moonlighting, driving after hours, and even unwanted stops on work days. This can save you money not only on fuel but also on wages and maintenance. It can also limit your liability (if you have a written driving policy) and even increase customer satisfaction.



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