As an individual ages, their mind and body slowly deteriorates. One of the most common memory-related disorders that the elderly face is Alzheimer’s disease. This causes the patient to be disoriented even if they are in a familiar place, which may lead to serious injury and even death. This article will give you insights on how real-time trackers promote safety for seniors.

In the United States alone, an estimated 5.4 million individuals have Alzheimer’s disease. The rising statistics, which is set against a backdrop of a growing senior population, cause professionals to focus on ensuring that these seniors are safe at all costs. Fortunately, there are GPS tracking devices that have been introduced as a new method for caregivers and families when it comes to monitoring patients suffering dementia.

How GPS Tracking Promote Safety For Seniors

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1 - How Real-Time Trackers Promote Safety for Seniors

Since it was introduced to the public back in the 1980s, GPS tracking has become increasingly popular among a good number of users. One good example would be parents who wish to monitor the whereabouts of their children who are in school or away in camp. Analyzing a teen’s driving behavior is yet another purpose parents utilize these tracking devices for.

Aside from that,  fleet companies have also taken advantage of GPS technology, finding its services crucial when it comes to completing daily tasks. With the many benefits experienced by various industry sectors, it did not take too long for the health and caregiver industry to seek the help of this technology as well.

A GPS tracking device can either be passive or active. The main difference is that active devices deliver real-time updates, while passive devices do not. For seniors, it is best to use an active GPS tracker like Trackimo. It has a sturdy and compact design that can be easily attached to an individual, allowing you to track their exact location and movement.

Monitoring the Elderly with GPS Trackers

2 - How Real-Time Trackers Promote Safety for Seniors

Safety for seniors is very essential and necessary. Wandering is one of the biggest threats to those who are suffering from a memory-related disease. There have been numerous tragic cases that have popped up in headlines involving elderly people being involved in accidents. Typically, a family would begin searching on possible solutions to prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place. GPS technology has long been a front-runner in boosting safety among elderly patients.

Trackimo, a portable GPS tracker that can readily deliver real-time updates, is used to ensure safety for seniors whether this be through actual movements or vehicle tracking.

Vehicle Tracking

3 - How Real-Time Trackers Promote Safety for Seniors

Older drivers are known to be one of the most at-risk age groups alongside teenage drivers. With a Trackimo Universal Tracker, users can keep track of their every movement and behavior, making it easier to determine if the driver is still fit to take the wheel.

The device is easily hardwired to a vehicle, completely eliminating the need to charge. After installing, users will start receiving data on speeding, sudden impact, and even information on whether the senior is driving erratically in familiar neighborhoods. The real-time data is transmitted through a cellular communication network (in Trackimo’s case, AT&T) and is delivered to the application that one can access via phone or Web.

Personal Tracking

4 - How Real-Time Trackers Promote Safety for Seniors

In a way that mirrors how large companies monitor their employees, a GPS tracking system can be used to follow a loved one’s every move. Since Trackimo comes in a relatively small size, it can be attached to a senior’s clothing or slipped into their pockets to allow real-time tracking.

A lot of elderly homes have actually made use of GPS tracking devices as they can send out emergency notifications quickly to the patient’s loved ones if needed. An example of which is the geo-fence feature found in Trackimo. Users can set a safety perimeter with the device’s companion app. It will then send immediate alerts to all the contacts in case the subject goes beyond the safe area.

Before you purchase a real-time GPS tracker, make sure you discuss this option with a licensed professional. This allows you to work on a safety plan for your loved ones while giving you peace of mind at the same time.

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