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Siya, an 18-year-old from her coaching classes was on her way home when a monsoon storm hit. The roads were blocked and flooded so she can’t go to her bus stop, and her cell phone’s battery was drained, so she had no way to call her parents, who were waiting for her to arrive home. Due to the numerous news reports about the storm and frantic about their daughter’s whereabouts, Siya’s parents decided to go on to check the GPS tracking system, which can track kids via GPS and which they knew she was carrying, and they found that she was still at the coaching class premises.

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Modern Parents Track Kids Via GPS

Evolving technologies have helped parents track kids via GPS these days – from cell phones, to video calls and GPS devices – it makes  it easier for them to keep tabs on their kids. Yet, many parents feel that this type of tracking is treading the line between being protective and invading their children’s privacy.

Some even think that this is equivalent to spying.

Tracking devices are used to keep children’s safety in mind, especially considering that many incidents occur — like with Siya, when natural occurrences prevent them from getting home safely. These devices help parents ease their worries, but when parents track kids via GPS, they will often see it as a parent spying on children. Because of this,  there should be proper discussion to help them understand the boundaries — how the it is going to be used,  and when it’s going to be used as a way for parents to track kids via GPS.

Technology devised 3G GPS trackers for children to make sure that the communication lines between parents and their kids are open. After all, these days, it is a comfort for parents to be able to track kids via GPS, especially considering how they are always out and about. Today, kids tend to be venturing on their own, doing sports, going out with friends, and even partying.

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During the time they are away, parents tend to worry – especially if their kids aren’t home at a specific time. For these scenarios, trackers are helpful in maintaining communication between parents and children, or at least, ease the parents knowing that their children are safe even if they track kids via GPS.

With that in mind, it is acceptable to track kids via GPS – especially if you’re a parent whose main concern is the life of your child.



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