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Medicare is one of the services provided by the United States government for its citizens. Based on the records, this particular service benefited more than 40 million senior citizens who are 65 years and older in 2010 alone. The insurance shoulders the cost of their surgeries, medications, and more. While lawmakers are still debating on the program’s provisions and costs for the elderly, many families are in agreement that the government should also provide financial assistance for the caring of elderly suffering from serious memory problem like Alzheimer’s disease, and they propose senior GPS trackers service costs be included in the coverage.

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Elderly Care

Why Programs Should Include Senior GPS Trackers Costs

Caring for elderly with memory problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is quite overwhelming both financially and emotionally. Just the prescription drug medications and possible procedures are already tremendous yet not enough to secure the senior citizens. Every day, stories pop up about elderly with Alzheimer’s wandering away from care facilities. Unfortunately, many of these stories do not end happily, not when it’s freezing point outside. The solution to this problem comes in the form of senior GPS trackers.

Senior GPS trackers are huge help to family members or caregivers in taking care of their loved ones suffering from severe memory problems. With the device’s tracking capability, family members and caregivers can view their patient’s real-time location from their computers.

GPS tracking device for the elderly are affordable and recognized as an effective method when it comes to personal safety of the senior citizens. Simply attach the senior GPS trackers to the elderly’s clothes and it will be good to go. Wherever they went, family members can view their location any time. As an additional safety feature, the device alerts the family or caregivers the instant the elderly goes out of their homes or the facility. This elderly tracker feature allows the family to take action immediately and find their loved one in time.

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According to a Tracking System Direct senior monitoring advisor,

“There really is no debate about the effectiveness of GPS tracking systems for personal safety, but when it comes to health insurance or government programs such as Medicare covering the hardware and service costs of GPS trackers the benefits are often subjective to something known as ‘medical necessity.’ Basically, that means most families will have to prove to insurance providers that their senior loved ones are at risk without the supervision of GPS tracking technology.”

Health coverage really depends on the medical insurance provider and the customer’s case. Families who want their health care provider to shoulder the the cost of Senior GPS trackers, it’s recommended that they talk to their insurance provider for detailed information.



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