Reduce Bike Theft Using GPS

It’s great to know that people are becoming more concerned with our environment. They now opt for a nature-friendly mode of transportation, the kind that allows them to save on fuel cost at the same time provide a positive impact on their well-being—the bicycle. But the risk of having one is not as easy, as the rate of stolen bicycles each year increases as well. We have listed a series of advantages on how you can reduce bike theft using GPS trackers.

Bicycle is fast becoming popular in many places like Northern California, New York, Oregon, and other countries across the globe. Based on studies, nowadays, more and more people prefer riding their bikes than the car. The numbers do not even include recreational bikers. Sad to say, the increasing popularity of the bicycle gives rise to more cases of bike theft. But with the help of GPS tracking, the number of crimes involving bicycle is slowly dwindling.

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How to Reduce Bike Theft Using GPS

Tracking Your Bicycle

Bikers are now turning to GPS trackers to help them protect their bikes from robbers, a great move that will definitely help reduce cases of bike theft. Live GPS trackers allow users of the bike with GPS to monitor their ride 24/7 in real time.  They can view the actual location of their bike on their mobile phones or desktop computers.

But the most obvious advantage of a real-time tracker is its ability to send alert to the owner through a text message or e-mail when the bike is moved from its post without permission. This allows the user to recover his stolen bike the soonest time possible.

Other Advantages of Bicycle GPS Devices

The Bike tracking device is more than just protection for your assets. It can also log mileage, routes traveled, etc. The data collected are useful for bikers who want to keep a tab of the distance they traveled over a certain period. GPS trackers such as Trackimo are portable and multifunctional. It can be used for personal or vehicle tracking.

Here are some disturbing facts about bike theft:

  • Regular bikers, those who use the bike as their main means of transportation, are 90 percent more likely to lose their bikes to a robber.
  • Only 3 percent of the reported stolen bikes are recovered.
  • Most bike theft incidents happen within a few kilometers from home.
  • Almost half of the bike community have lost their bike to thieves at least once.
  • Unlike bike theft, vehicle theft is not often reported to local police; otherwise, the government would have made some changes to laws.

The statistics above were based on the research made on Montreal bicycle riders.

Reduce Bike Theft Using GPS tracker is a simple way to get rid of headaches when the situation comes to worst. With law enforcement offering little help to bikers in finding their stolen assets, bike owners need GPS tracking technology to safeguard, prevent and recover their bikes from thieves on their own, and lastly help reduce cases of bike theft.



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