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The increasing number of incidents involving drones led the Congress to draft a bill to prevent similar situations from happening. The said proposed law for drones will prohibit any unwanted usage of UAV by installing GPS trackers.

Since its development, the flying robot drone has been transforming technology. This flying robot has been used for aerial surveillance, carrying supplies, and more. But as the use of drones becomes mainstream, unscrupulous use of the UAV has grown rampant as well. In truth, it’s bound to happen. Since it’s a new technology, there’s no existing law for drone usage.

Proposed Law for Drones

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Aerial Vehicle

But not for long. Recently, the Congress proposed law for drones that is aimed at preventing operators from flying their UAV in prohibited areas. The use of drone trackers is the idea of U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer after a drone was found flying above highly sensitive areas such as the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora.

If the proposed law for drones is passed, all drones will be pre-installed with drone trackers before releasing it to the market. They will rely on the GPS tracker feature geo-fencing to limit the places where drones can fly. The drones will be pre-programmed not to go near the restricted areas.

In a press release, Schumer stated,

“If a drone crashed into a plane by finding its way onto an airport runway or was able to do harm by flying near highly populated areas and buildings, like the New York State Capitol and the Albany FBI Headquarters, we could see immeasurable damage done.”

Schumer’s statement is based on the number of incidents of near collisions between drones and airplanes. Hopefully, the Federal Aviation Administration will approve the bill.

Drone Technology

Drones are initially meant for hobbyists, but using it without any restriction puts the public at risk. Schumer is hoping that with GPS tracking, drone operators will get to enjoy flying their drones without worrying about the safety of everyone.

On the issue of collision with airplanes, this will no longer be a problem since GPS devices, using its geo-fencing feature, can detect objects from miles away, giving the operator enough time to clear out.



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