Prevent Bike Theft Using GPS

There is an average of 2.5 incidents of bike theft per minute in the United States and Canada. Many people use a bike as a means of transportation, and because of the high rate of bike theft in the country, bike owners try to find ways to secure their bikes against bike robbers in case the lock they’re using is not enough. As we all know, locks can be opened without a key, which makes it easy for the robbers to just take away the bike without you being aware.  A tracking device to prevent bike theft using GPS is actually a good way to prevent such incident from happening.

Prevent Bike Theft Using GPS Tracking Device

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Bike with GPS

One tool they consider is a GPS bike tracking device—the Trackimo device particularly. Inside the device are a battery and a SIM card, which you have to insert into your bike’s cycle fork. It has a basic accelerometer so when your bike with GPS is taken by someone else, you will be alerted through SMS. The instant alert allows bike owners to take action immediately and prevent bike theft using GPS. During these crucial times, it is important that you find your bike right away because the robber may sell the bikes in parts, which will make it difficult for you to recover it. The device can help you trace and get back your property faster.

And by logging in to the product manufacturer’s Web site, you can track the thief’s whereabouts. The device can be activated or deactivated using a unique pin, which you can place together with your door keys.

The unit is very simple and easy to use. One just has to download a smartphone app. If you read the product’s reviews online, it’s mostly positive. The device without a SIM card costs about $150.

In Canada, they have taken action against stealing bikes. They have a project where they equip the bike with GPS so they can track down bike robbers, advocate bike safety, and help reduce cases of bike theft.



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